Hacking: Learn How to Avoid Being Hacked

What is hacking?

Hacking is the act of finding a loop hole into a computer system or network and then using that hole to gain access into the system. Hackers often use algorithms that will help them crack your password so that they can gain access to the system. Hacking is also closely associated with cyber-crime.

Most times the reason why hackers would want to get into your organisation’s computer system, is to use your organisation to falsely advertise whatever it is that they’re selling to your customers. They may also want to access confidential information from your customers such as their banking details or identity numbers. All of this is illegal and any individual caught doing these malicious acts could be convicted of a serious criminal offence.

Below are a few ways you can protect your organisation from being hacked:

1. Backup your data: It is very important that you keep backup copies of your confidential data. This will help you provide proof should anything happen to the original data. Also, if your computer (that stores all the organisation’s data) gets hacked or stolen then you will have peace of mind knowing that all the important information has been backed up. Ideally, it is wise to back up your data using a cloud service rather than using external drives, USBs or floppy discs because those too can be easily stolen or lost and your data will be compromised in the process.

2.Cloud Service Provider(s): Believe it or not, hackers have also found ways to hack cloud service accounts to get access to data online. This is why it is of utmost importance that you use a credited and legitmate cloud service provider that you can trust with your data. Red flags that you should look out for is if the service provider does not provide you with its background information, how long they have been in business, as well as their security levels and accreditation.

3.Password management: Using a secure and compliant Password Manager is often recommended because; your account login details are always protected with encryption (securely stored and entered). It is also important to set strong, unpredictable passwords so that you cannot give an easy way for hackers to get into your PC.

4.Anti-viruses: Since they are many ways to hack into computers or networks, another recommended way to protect your data is to use strong anti-hacking software like an antivirus that will protect you from viruses, spyware and malware.

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