Firstly, let’s start by defining what blogging means. Blogging is simply writing up content based a particular subject and this content is then posted online and most blogs are responsive and by that we mean they allow interactions with the audiences; could be through comments or sharing the blog(s) on other digital communication platforms.

As a non-profit, your job is to inspire people, bring about change by being a voice to the voiceless. Blogging gives you the platform to address issues faced by our societies and communities, bring about awareness and without a question helps you as an organisation gain online momentum.

Below we’ve listed 5 reasons that explain why your non-profit organisation needs to start blogging.

1. Blogging can help your organisation rank high on search engines

Unlike websites that do not get updated with new content regularly, blogs give you the chance to put up new content constantly; depending on how much content you want to put up, there is no limit! This then puts your organisation on the front line of high ranks on search engines because a blog is more likely to appear on the first page when someone makes a Google search.

It is then advised that you put up relevant content based on what your organisation is about so that you can drive traffic to your website and get more people to discover your organisation.

2. Blogging start up conversations

Writing a blog about topics that many people might find controversial or topics that evoke certain emotions, people will definitely get involved by either responding to your blog post in the comment section of your post or by sharing your blog post on social media platforms. This could also serve as awareness to the public.  

3. Blogging allows you to give relevant information

By constantly publishing relevant information about your organisation and making sure your supporters are up to date with the running of your organisation and the events taking place. This will also grab attention to potential donors and investors because they will get to read up about what exactly it is that your organisation does

4. Blogs create social media content

As we all know social media platforms are fast in terms of content deliverance and how long a topic/subject reminds relevant. Linking your blogs with your social media platforms will create conversations on social media however on your website, going back to what we spoke about early that blogs help drive traffic to your website.

5. Blogs can help in elaborating what your organisation is about

As mentioned previously that blogs open up conversations and discussions. As you continue posting blogs your supporters and also people who have an interest in your organisation get the front row seat learning and discovering what your organisation is about and how they can get involved based on the content that you will post as an organisation. This does not only make up for frequent visits to your site but also brings in opportunities of potential donors from other organisations that may want to be associated with your organisation.

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