Stop Cyberbullying Day 2020 Encourages Kindness And Acceptance Online

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2020 has arrived and there has never been a more important time to come together to promote kindness and acceptance while forming a collective voice against hate and abuse.

The success of last year’s event saw a wide range of activities around the world taking place including brands, celebrities and influencers using their platforms to educate and empower, governments re-affirming their goals and responsibilities, Pope Francis launching a 24-hour special Stop Cyberbullying Day telecast of thought leaders and academics from Vatican City, and school children on every continent working together to show their commitment to a kinder more inclusive internet.

For Stop Cyberbullying Day 2020, The Cybersmile Foundation, who are founders and coordinators of the event, are announcing a jam-packed event with a host of new and familiar faces all working together to inspire people of all ages to be kinder and more considerate online.

This year’s activities include the launch of Digital Wellbeing 2020, a new Cybersmile report on young people’s understanding and perspective of digital wellbeing as well as a host of exclusive giveaways offering internet users the chance to win merchandise from influencers and celebrities such as Normani, Johnny Orlando, Kathryn Bernardo and many more. The event will also feature exclusive interviews and exciting activities from Cybersmile brand partners from all corners of the world.

“Stop Cyberbullying Day reminds us that as the internet continues to become more and more integral to the lives of us all, and with the lines between online life and real-life becoming increasingly blurred, there has never been a more important time to come together and promote the same important values online that we so desperately seek offline. Kindness, acceptance and inclusion online are all necessary to ensure that everybody has the same level of access to information, education and communication without the fear of hate, ridicule and abuse,” said Scott Freeman, CEO, The Cybersmile Foundation.

Stop Cyberbullying Day activities will run for the next 24 hours with live events, initiatives and campaigns taking place across all five continents. The event will be promoted on most of the major social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. “Stop Cyberbullying Day is an important reminder for people that they are not alone, and that there is a whole global community of likeminded people who want to work
together for a truly inclusive internet. The internet is one of the most Powerful engines for education and social development on earth and what better way to celebrate it than with a global day of activities that bring people together,” said Laura Lewandowski, Chief Policy Officer, The Cybersmile Foundation.

Internet users can include the #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY hashtag with their social posts on all channels.

Digital Wellbeing 2020 report launch

The Cybersmile Foundation are launching the new Digital Wellbeing 2020 report. The study of 1,000 12 to 16-year-olds from across the U.K. focusses on young people’s understanding and perspectives of digital wellbeing. The report explores important areas of young people’s relationships with technology and social media and looks to raise awareness of key areas related to young people’s wellbeing such as smartphone addiction, the impact of internet use on sleep, diet and exercise, mental health and
much more. The report also explores the way young people see their parent’s relationship with technology and social media.

How to get involved today

There are many ways people can show their support for a kinder internet without the need for pre-planning. Internet users, brands, organizations and governments are all encouraged to show their commitment to a truly inclusive internet by creating positive content and sharing messages of support and kindness on social media using the #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY hashtag on all social platforms.

For all the latest updates and activities on the day follow @CybersmileHQ on Twitter and @cybersmilefoundation on Instagram.

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