Toothpaste and Toothpick

Ask 5 delegates to join you in front of the group | Ask each delegate to squeeze out toothpaste from a brand new tube provided onto a piece of paper | Once each person has done so, hand each of them 1 toothpick | Ask each person that put the toothpaste they squeezed out of the tube back in by using the toothpick only | Explain to the group how this is a visual representation that our words or actions are quick to come out but very difficult to take back

A4 Paper

Ask one delegate to join you in front of the group | Hand that person a clean piece of paper – A4 size | Ask the person to crumple it up as best they can and then stomp on it | Ask the person to give the crumbled ball to other delegates and get them to stomp on it too | Ask the person to then open the crumpled ball in front of the group while you as the trainer say: “This piece of paper is a visual representation of how the scars of being bullied will forever remain, often unseen. The piece of A4 paper is still intact and can still be used and written on, but it has been damaged and scarred forever”

Cellphone vs Laptop

Split delegates into two groups | Name Group 1 – THE BULLYS | Name Group 2 – THE VICTIMS | Ask the bully group to draw a large laptop on an A3 white piece of paper that is provided | Ask the victim group to draw a large cellphone on an A3 white piece of paper that is provided | Ask each group to write down words that best describe how a bully or victim feels before, during and after a bullying incident

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