How can I set a good example for my children when I am addicted to social media?

The first step to overcoming any sort of addiction is admitting that you have a problem and you need help to solve or rather overcome the addiction.

It may come as a shock to many but internet/social media addiction is becoming a big issue in our society and it is affecting us all. If you are a parent and you are battling with this issue, then it would be wise that you have an open discussion with your children and let them know that there is such a thing as too much social media and how it can be detrimental to your family life.

Below are a few tips on how you can address your online addition with your family and ultimately, overcome the issue:

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  • Start by admitting to your children and family that you have a problem – the first step to finding a solution is to admit to a problem. When your children see how you are openly discussing a fault, they will find you more approachable as a parent.
  • Together with your loved ones discuss the small changes you can make towards your recovery – for example: create a cellphone only basket and allocate time throughout the morning or evenings where all family members must place their devices in the basket. Start small by allocating 10 minutes of basket time in the beginning and then add 5 minutes each week.
  • Help your children with their homework and encourage more outdoor activities – this will keep you away from your cellphone and remember, as tempted as you may be to snap pictures of your children outdoors, don’t do it – rather enjoy the moment with them device-free.
  • On days where you make dinner for your family, get everyone involved – By getting everyone involved it will prevent you from reaching for your phone whenever you get lonely in the kitchen. It will also encourage positive skill sharing with your children as you will be promoting quality time and teaching them how to cook!
  • Seek professional help – If the addiction is severe look at getting professional help in the form of a local support group that help people suffering from the same or similar problem as you.

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