Creating Strong Passwords

It is important that you help your children create strong and unique passwords to protect their online accounts. 

Children are curious and will want to know the why’s – so tell them the possible dangers as you go along! 

Here are some thoughts and tips to help you along. Start by explaining that their passwords need to be: 


The hacker is not a nice person and might try and access their accounts and their personal information 

Create a hacking game and ask them to crack the code: 

  • 1 2 3 _ 5 6 
  • Pa__wo_d 
  • _ello 

Passwords need to be longer and more memorable and not contain any private information like their name, address, phone number etc. 

Think of a fun phrase or an event that they remember: 

  • My first football game was in 2020 
  • Use the first letter from that phrase:  mffgwi2020 
  • Change some letters into symbols or special characters:  mffgw!2020 
  • Make some uppercase and some lowercase:  Mffgw!2020 
  • Now ask them to write it down a few times to remember it 

Make it memorable 

  • Use a different unique password for each account 
  • Don’t use personal information, name, address, phone number when creating a password 
  • Use one that’s easy to guess – like a nickname or favourite soccer team 
  • Ask them to share it with you so that they will have it safe should they forget 
  • Don’t give it to anyone other than the trusted parent 

Logging out: Teach them how to log out of an account when they have finished especially on a public computer and very important: 

 Lastly, remind your children: Don’t tick “remember my password” when using a public computer! 

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