Google Ads is an online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users. [Courtesy of Wikipedia 😊]

The wonderful people at Google decided that they would devise a grant for the non-profit community and that once eligible organisations are registered and verified through TechSoup, they would then be able to apply for the AdWords grant and be given access to $10 000.00 spend a month on the Google advertising platform.

With recent changes*, when you create a grant account with Google Ads to begin with, it will start off as a paid account as it is intended to be a paid platform for companies and individuals to purchase advertising space on Google. Don’t worry about adding your billing details*, they will ask for this it is standard procedure and you won’t be paying for anything, this is just to get you started on the platform and get you an ID number to submit to Google. That ID number as you will see is linked to your organisation’s email address.

The nonprofit would still have to adhere to the same advertising practices and guidelines that other advertisers do when creating their campaigns, ad groups, and ads. In fact, Google has set up strict rules as to how this grant should be utilized, as this is a wonderful opportunity for the non-profits and should not be squandered.

Once you have received the grant you will expected to ensure you log into your account at least once every 30 days to ensure the campaigns are performing at their best. You will be expected to keep a CTR above 5%, and ensure you keep your content and keywords relevant to your cause.Remember that you are located in South Africa and may not target outside this Geo Location. If you do so this will be a violation of the guidelines.

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