Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits

Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based business applications platform that was launched by Microsoft in 2016. Dynamics 365 combines customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and it also includes Artificial Intelligence tools.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your nonprofit?

People who run non-profits are often individuals that have identified an issue or gap within our social standards of the communities. These individuals are goal orientated, self-motivated and know exactly what needs to be down and how. This is where Microsoft Dynamics comes into play, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that offers the best solutions that fit exactly the requirements they need in order to make a success of their organizations.

According to Microsoft Dynamics 365, here are 6 reasons why as a non-profit you need to consider Dynamics 365:

1.Team Work

2.Grant Management

3.Privacy and Security

4.System That meets unique processes/needs

5.Reduce costs

6.Engage with your online audience

Team Work: As a non-profit you probably work with different teams for different departments of your organisation, this means you always need to be updated on the task that your team members are doing are well, Dynamics 365 makes life easier because your data will be captured in one place, this will then ultimately bring all departments to engage in one system making work much easier and effective.

Grant Management: Dynamics 365 is also best suitable for a non-profit organisation that seeks grants or one that gives out grants. If you are an organisation that applies of grants or you distribute grants, Dynamics 365 will enable your organisation to track grant management process from the time of application to the end point of awarding (or winning) grants. As a Dynamics 365 user in your organisation you can also set up reminders of that will update you on every stage of the grant application process and this information can be viewed by every member of the organisation ensure complete transparency within your organisation.

Privacy and Security: As a Microsoft Dynamics user in the organisation, Dynamics 365 offers security configuration that is based on ISO 27001 standards and also comes with built-in malware and spam protection that will always ensure for the safety of your data. As an organisation you can then add user authorization permission and restrictions to further protect the data of your organisation.

System that is unique to an organization’s need/requirements: Dynamics 365 has many features that will help you make the system function the way you want it to. You can add more features, make the system record only the data you need.

Engage with supporters online and keep up to date with trends: Microsoft Social Engagement is a tool that is can be used by anyone to analyze trends on social media. As an organisation, it is important that you form a close relationship with your audience online by giving them an insight into your brand and what it is all about.

Reduce costs and save money: Any company is always looking for ways to cut down cost and make an incredible profit, this is a no-brainer for non-profits. Dynamics 365 allows its nonprofit users to save money while increasing their production. All Microsoft products come at discount prices for all register NPOs. Learn how your organisation can be eligible for Microsoft donation here. You can also see 3 Dynamics 365 products that we have available on our TechSoup store:

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