For 15 years, NetSquared has served nonprofits across the globe with in-person and online events. Recently announced, the NetSquared brand has changed to TechSoup Connect and we are delighted to be the TechSoup Connect – Southern Africa Chapter Leaders!

TechSoup Connect Southern Africa is a volunteer-led program of TechSoup that builds the technology capacity of nonprofits through networking and training events. Each in-person or online event is hosted with a tech-related topic and is the place where nonprofits will find resources and networking opportunities. TechSoup Connect Southern Africa brings nonprofits together and helps them build communities, share resources, and discover new opportunities for social impact. We welcome nonprofits, consultants, technologists, funders, and everyone else passionate about using technology for good to join us, for free!

In addition to our monthly online events being hosted on the new TechSoup Connect platform, we have also updated our dedicated Facebook Group and invite you to join us for extra tech resources, live streams and more! You may use this Group to connect with us directly or to share your tech experiences with like-minded nonprofits, activists and tech change-makers!