Sage, a marketing pioneer in cloud management solutions is believed to have over 3 million users/customers globally. Back in 2017 Sage introduced Sage Business Cloud. Sage Business Cloud was designed to be a cloud-based business platform that any business will ever need to know of and use in order to grow their small or medium-size business.

Sage Foundation is working hard for nonprofit organisations (NPOs) as an advocate and innovator. They build solutions which are the best they can be for the NPO community. Sage knows that NPOs need support now, so they can take action – whatever tomorrow brings.

Sage Business Cloud solutions empower non-profit organisations of all sizes to save time, eliminate errors, reduce costs, achieve compliance and deliver powerful insights via PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Now, in partnership with TechSoup South Africa, Sage is making these powerful tools available to nonprofits around the globe. TechSoup South Africa member NPOs* can apply for 2 donated licenses of the following products:


Accounting software for managing finances in your non-profit organisation.

Ideal for non-profit organisations with 0-19 employees | Affordable and easy to use | *Non-profit functionality only available in Africa | 1 donated license of Accounting + 1 donated license of Payroll (if available and required)

Enterprise Management

Beyond cloud enterprise resource planning. A single view of your organisation. Manage your finances, employees and supply chain in one powerful, simplified platform. It’s easy, fast, and flexible.

Ideal for non-profit organisations with 100+ employees and with wholesale and distribution or manufacturing requirements | Investment required for core application, additional users, modules, implementation, customisation and support | 2 donated Full users + discounted additional software licenses.


The award-winning HR and People solution that gives you the insight and tools you need to acquire, manage, and engage your workforce.

Ideal for non-profit organisations with 100 + employees | Investment required for additional users, employees, implementation and customisation | 2 donated Admin users + discounted additional user and employee licenses.


AICPA preferred financial management for GAAP compliant non-profit financial reporting, automation of key processes, easy integration to other solutions, and real time visibility to key performance and outcome metrics.

Working with GuideStar to improve the financial health and sustainability for non-profit organisations with the Nonprofit Financial Board Book.

Ideal for non-profit organisations with 20 + employees | Investment required for core application, additional users, implementation and customisation | 2 donated Employee users + discounted additional software licenses.

The best time to join and be part of Sage Business Cloud is now. It’s flexible; allows you to do business anywhere; keep track of your cashflow and track expenses!

Check your organisation eligibility and request a donated licence here:
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