How To Host An Airbnb Social Impact Experience For Your Nonprofit

Experience: Movers and Makers

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences are inspiring activities hosted by nonprofits that connect travelers (and locals) to their cause.

Build Awareness and Raise Funds

Social impact experiences give Airbnb guests a chance to learn more about your mission and causes — and have some fun along the way.

1.Raise Funds: 100 percent of the proceeds you raise from your social impact experience go directly to your organisation. Airbnb waives all booking fees!
2.Gain Exposure: Your social impact experience will appear on Airbnb’s website and in its mobile apps, giving you a chance to reach a broader audience.
3.Engage Your Supporters: Introducing people to your organisation through a social impact experience is an invaluable way to create lasting ambassadors

Your Experience, Your Way

With Airbnb Social Impact Experiences, you’re in control. You get to choose the experience, your experience host, when and where it takes place, and more.

1.Your Schedule: You can offer your social impact experiences as often as you like. Many nonprofits choose to host experiences about twice a month.
2.Your Place and Host: You choose where your social impact experience takes place and who leads it — be it a staff member, a board member, or a volunteer.
3.Your Price: You have complete control over how much your social impact experience costs, and you can change the price whenever you want.

Who is eligible to host a Social Impact experience?

Social impact hosts can be staff, board members, contractors, volunteers, or supporters of a local nonprofit. They have real expertise in the work of the nonprofit and the consent of the organization.

The organization itself must be a registered NGO/nonprofit, as defined byTechSoup, and be validated through TechSoup.

Cape Town Experience – Sue, Off The Beaten Trails 4
How do I start hosting?

If you have only a personal Airbnb account, sign of out it, and then create a new account for your organization. If you have an existing Airbnb account for your organization, use that account to create your experience.

While creating your experience, make sure you do the following:

1.Check the box that says Yes, I’m hosting on behalf of a nonprofit
2.Confirm your organization’s eligibility by logging in or registering an account with TechSoup
3.Add a profile picture that shows guests who will be hosting them. Profile pictures should not feature the logo of the nonprofit organization
4.Add the organization’s bank information as a payout method. Since Airbnb waives fees for Social Impact experiences, 100% of the proceeds are paid directly to the nonprofit through this payout method. If your organization requires a fiscal sponsor, please be sure the fiscal sponsor completes this process.

Need inspiration?

Browse Social Impact experiences on Airbnb, or RSVP to an upcoming intro webinar hosted by the Airbnb team, where you can learn more about the program and get tips & tricks from existing hosts.

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