Find those searching to support your mission! With Google Ad Grants, eligible nonprofit organisations will receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Google Ads advertising every month.

Ad Grants gives to 51 countries around the world and supports 115k nonprofits with a mission to connect people and causes. In Southern Africa, organizations in Botswana and South Africa may apply.

Sign up for Ad Grants in 3 easy steps, starting with applying for Google for Nonprofits. Learn how to sign up for Ad Grants via this helpful video.

Plan your way forward by asking yourself these questions:

What are our marketing goals? Define at least four goals for your organization based on your mission statement.

How are we currently communicating our services for our donors and beneficiaries online? This will help as you think through your holistic online approach.

Who are we trying to reach and where are they located? Determining your reach will be important for location targeting.

Now, let’s work on maximizing your impact online with these recipes for success:

Effective keywords – Learn how to structure your account around effective keywords.

  • Use the same phrases across your keywords, ads, and landing pages to increase your ad performance and quality.
  • With Keyword Planner, you can find new keyword ideas for your Search campaigns that are relevant to your organizations’ services.
  • Ask yourself which word combinations and phrases you would type into the Google search box to find your organization’s programs and services. Then list synonyms, e.g. food bank, food donation, leftover food, food scarcity, food desert.

Clear ads – Learn to evaluate your ads for a clear message.

  • Consider if your message is helpful. When a user searches for information about your cause on, your ad will stand out the most if it’s helpful to what they were looking for.
  • Highlight what makes your organization unique. 100% tax deductible donations? Offer pick-up for large donations? Tell people! Highlight features or areas that make your organization stand out.
  • Call-to-action. Tell your users what they can do. Don’t ask them a question – be the answer. Calls to action like volunteer, donate today, sign up, call us, or learn more, make clear what the next steps are.

Measurable impact – Measure whether users are completing the desired actions on your site.

  • Use conversion tracking to help you understand whether your ads are driving the right actions and deliver better results.
  • Conversion tracking is a free tool that reports on desired actions your website visitors take after they have interacted with your ads. Conversions measure value and the impact ads have for your organization.
  • Get more conversions with your Ad Grants by using the Maximize Conversions bidding strategy.

Performance insights – Understand your current performance to make informed updates.

  • Review your performance metrics, and be willing to pivot. Significant shifts in keyword performance may require adjustments to your message.
  • Linking a Google Analytics property to your Ads account can help you analyze customer activity on your website after an ad click or impression.
  • After your ads start running, review your search phrases. If you see search phrases that don’t apply to your nonprofit, you can disable those.


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