We recently partnered with Facebook at the inaugural Facebook NGO Day in Johannesburg, and further welcomed the Social Media Giant’s very own Emilar Gandhi and Jena Wuu as guest speakers at our NetSquared Event in Cape Town on the 28th June 2018.

FACEBOOK NGO DAY – 26 June 2018

The Facebook NGO Day 2018, in Johannesburg, promoted open dialogue within Civil Society, and it was done through a range of workshops designed to help NPOS better understand Facebook’s platform(s). Guests in attendance were encouraged to network, collaborate and learn.

Facebook for Nonprofits

One of the big announcements during our breakaway session, titled “Bridging the way between offline and online impact”, held alongside Jena, was that the Workplace application is now available for free to NGOs across the SADC region:


Workplace premium (usually $3usd per active user, per month) is now available to all NPOs to use at zero charge. Essentially, if you are looking for a tool to simplify communication and planning, Workplace is for your team.


-Centralize communication between a team, or on a project, by creating groups.

-Speed up decisions by sharing files and getting feedback through chat.

-Manage relationships with other organizations by connecting them to a project group.

-Allow staff members to stay up to date through their personalized News Feed of work activities.

-Reach colleagues instantly using Work Chat for video or voice conference.

-Broadcast live video to members of your organization to coordinate and connect your team.

-Search all activity, conversations and files to find the things you need quickly.

-Report on the activity within your organization to manage your team and projects.

Facebook for Nonprofits

The Workplace Team at Facebook would like to help you better understand their tool and are hosting a free webinar series from July 3rd – July 19th 2018. 

Apply for Workplace here.

Jena (who is based in California USA) also highlighted the fact that 1.5 million Nonprofits use Facebook to build communities and shared insight into some of the tools that are being tested for use in the NPO landscape: MENTORSHIP AND SUPPORT | HEALTH.

Cindy McNally (SA NPO NETWORK Facebook group founder) and I, together with Jena on stage, used the time given to us to at the breakaway session to impart some of our sector-sensitive know-how.

Facebook for Nonprofits

Below are some of the more poignant tips:

Know your voice | What is it that your organisation REALLY wants to share on Facebook? Are you posting with a purpose?

Know your tools | Are you using the Facebook platform correctly, for example: Are you posting too many hashtags? Do you know the difference between a Group and Profile?

Know your CTA’s (calls to action) | How do you want your Facebook audience to react to your latest status update? Have you made that clear? Is your language easy to understand?

Know your measurement (80/20 rule) | Are you posting relateable stories (including success stories) 80% of the time? Are you asking for genuine assistance 20% of the time?

Know your strategy | Do you have a defined goal and strategy in place? Is your audience a part of your storytelling?

Facebook for Nonprofits

Did you know that Facebook have a dedicated Safety Center: facebook.com/safety? Some of the center’s features: Bullying Prevention Hub and Parent Portal.

Facebook also have a dedicated Support Centre to assist you: facebook.com/help

Emilar also shared tips on how to use Facebook safely, which included:

1. Be your authentic self

2. Choose your friends wisely

3. Set strong passwords

4. Know your audience

5. Report abusive content

6. Manage your location privacy

7. Securely login and out

8. Be aware of scams

9. Regularly review your privacy and security settings

Thank you to the Facebook Team and all delegates that joined us in Johannesburg and Cape Town. If you have any questions regarding the Workplace donation and the application/validation process, please contact:

(See the press coverage of the Johannesburg Workshop here: http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/669/178785.html)

Photos by: Strike a Pose Photography & HotCoffee Media.

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