Build A Better World With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Build a Better World With AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. These services help organisations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale.

AWS is trusted by the tens of thousands of nonprofit organisations all over the word, to power a wide variety of workloads including: web and mobile applications, game development, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

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These services help NPOs scale without investing in physical infrastructure.

The AWS Credits Programme for Nonprofits provides credit for cloud services to eligible nonprofits and public libraries throughout TechSoup South Africa. This grant provides US$2,000 in AWS credits valid for 12 months that can be applied toward usage fees for AWS on-demand cloud services. Organisations may request one grant of US$2,000 in AWS credits per fiscal year.

Amazon Web Services includes the following products, each of which provides multiple credit-eligible services.


• Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides a scalable, cloud-based alternative to virtual servers for additional computing power, including databases, enterprise applications, and migrations.
• Amazon EC2 Container Service allows you to run applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances, eliminating the need to install, operate, and scale your own cluster management infrastructure.
• See the full list of services and learn more about Amazon Compute.


• Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) provides persistent local storage for Amazon EC2, databases, data warehousing, enterprise applications, and more.
• Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) makes data available to one or more EC2 instances for content serving, enterprise applications, media processing workflows, and more.
• Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) connects data from any Internet location for user-generated content, active archives, serverless computing, and more.
• See the full list of services and learn more about Amazon Storage.


• Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon DynamoDB are relational databases designed for quick deployment and management.
• Amazon Redshift allows you to store and manage petabytes worth of data.
• Amazon ElastiCache helps you deploy, operate, and scale in-memory cache.
• See the full list of services and learn more about Amazon Database.

Advanced Computing: Amazon Web Services provide more high-powered computing services that enable capabilities far beyond traditional IT, including migration services, networking and content delivery, developer tools, and more. See the full list of Amazon Web Services options.

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