World Speech Day (WSD) and Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC proudly announce their partnership and launch of a Digital Literacy Campaign for the WSD Women’s pillar of World Speech Day addressing Gender Based Violence.

Already plagued by Gender-Based Violence, the current COVID-19 pandemic has only served to exacerbate this issue in South Africa. Upon reflection of sexual crimes more specifically, according to the Daily Maverick (13 July 2020), “In South Africa, 250 out of every 100,000 women are victims of sexual offences. In the 2016/17 South African Police Service (SAPS) statistics, 80% of the reported sexual offences were rape, while StatsSA reports that 68.5% of the sexual offences’ victims were women”.

World Speech Day promotes the power of speech and serves as a vehicle to empower people to use their voices as catalysts for change. With a presence in over a 100 nations, WSD boasts a dynamic global community that supports this vision – as such, local and global initiatives are able to make a far reaching impact. WSD believes in this cause – to encourage victims of abuse to find their voices so that they may have the confidence to seek solutions that require the necessary information and tools.

Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC’s programme #Tech2EndGBV aims to equip Nonprofit Organisations with Digital Literacy that will enhance their online GBV Advocacy.

This collaboration seeks to pool the strengths and resources of both organisations to create a powerful campaign; that combines Digital Literacy Resources from #Tech2EndGBV with the platforms of World Speech Day to amplify voices and causes to contribute to actions and dialogue that seek to address and make an impact in terms of the gender based violence crisis.

Starting with a series of short videos on Digital Literacy, the campaign will commence at the beginning of September. Through this series of Social Impact Videos, women will be educated on how to effectively use Tech to address and identify problems such as Digital Abuse and Technology-Facilitated GBV.

From the very beginning, World Speech Day has been about reaching out to unexpected voices. We believe in humanity. We believe that everyone can contribute ideas which bring about positive change, irrespective of their education or status,” says Simon Gibson, Founder, World Speech Day. “The initiative we are supporting with Phambano Technology to encourage and sustain Digital Literacy – particularly among women who have perhaps not felt part of the digital transformation – is absolutely about connecting these voices to new avenues of expression. The overwhelming experience has been that when you connect people, when you include unexpected voices into the established networks of idea sharing – then communities transform. Suggestions are shared, relationships built, and above all trust can flourish. The ideas which will shape tomorrow will come from unexpected voices.Simon Gibson – Founder, World Speech Day

About World Speech Day

World Speech Day is a Non Profit Organisation; a global effort with local impact – helping local communities share ideas by bringing people together through nothing more than the simple power of speech. President Kennedy once said: “the only reason to make a speech is to change the world.

World Speech Day is fashioned around a simple theme: “Change The World”. WSD acts as a source for new thinking – releasing the “wisdom of crowds” – gathering ideas from the unexpected, usually unheard voices of every man. It is about tapping into the truly original and inspirational – and then amplifying and making these voices available.

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