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Digital Storytelling (DST) is a workshop-based methodology that focuses on the everyday person’s ability to share aspects of their life story. It is grounded in the storytellers’ control over the medium – words, images and audio – so that the process of learning and production is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the audience.

A final digital story is a short video (2–4 minutes) of images, voice, text and music stitched together using low-tech, affordable and accessible technology.  Participants narrate first-person scripts that they write and then match with personal photographs, drawings, music and sound effects to tell their story. Once completed, DST stories are easily published online and can be made available to an international audience, depending on the topic and purpose of the project.

The power of DST is in the process, not the product. It’s an opportunity to build young women’s communications and leadership skills, and amplify their voices.

7 Elements To Digital Storytelling – adapted from

1. Point of View

What is the main point of the story and what is the perspective of the author?

2. A Dramatic Question

A key question that keeps the viewer’s attention and will be answered by the end of the story.

3. Emotional Content

Serious issues that come alive in a personal and powerful way and connects the audience to the story.

4. The Gift of Your Voice

A way to personalize the story to help the audience understand the context.

5. The Power of the Soundtrack

Music or other sounds that support and embellish the story.

6. Economy

Using just enough content to tell the story without overloading the viewer.

7. Pacing

The rhythm of the story and how slowly or quickly it progresses.

For a comprehensive PDF on Digital Storytelling please click here to view the DST pack created by

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