The sad reality faced by many South Africa women is the fact that they do not feel safe, not only outside of their homes but also in the spaces where safety should not even be a question – women as well as children are often not safe in their own homes!

As we continue to raise awareness about gender-based violence during the 2019 #16DaysOfActivism campaign, we have put together some of the top safety applications that we advise every woman in this country have installed on their cellphones:

  • Life 365: This is an app that allows users to share location and also sends out smart notifications so that you can keep track of your loved ones knowing that they are safe. The app works in such a way that it only allows private communication interaction between you and your family, i.e only you will know about the whereabouts without anyone else knowing. Life365 also has a “Crash Detection” feature which detects send notifications to your emergency contact if your get involved in an accident and also sends paramedics to your location. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Namola: This app is considered as one of the best safety apps in South Africa that help users receive help when they find themselves in compromising situations. Namola is a responsive app, it allows users to share location, your name and the nature of the emergency, they have a 24/7 response call centre. The Namola has over 200 000 users in South Africa since it launched in October 2017. It is reported that the app has helped over 10 000 South Africans with emergency cases.
  • MySOS SA is a panic button supports 2-way voice communication as well as GPS tracking. The app is quite popular with over 100 000 users in the country. The MySOS SA app allows the user to send notifications to an emergency contact with the press of a button. The app is available on Apple iStore and Google Play.
  • Bull Horns Panic Button: This app allows the user to send silent alerts to the user’s emergency responders by simple just shaking the mobile phone. Some other security companies partner with Bull Horns so that it can be easier for their clients to receive notifications about local crimes, so if you are looking for a security company also check if they are partners with Bulls Horn.
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