Passwords | 2019 #16DaysOfActivism

The internet is a phenomenal tool to have when wanting to connect with friends however, if you do not protect yourself and your data it can very quickly turn into a dangerous and unfriendly space.

What is a strong password?
  • 8 – 12 characters
  • Mix of numbers and letters
  • UPPERCASE and lowercase characters
  • Special characters
How do I create a strong password?

Computer programs, bots and hackers have become extremely smart and it is very important that when creating a password, you start by select one that is very difficult for any computer program to figure out:

  1. Select a phrase: My little sister Samantha was born in March
  2. Use the first letter from some or all of the words in your phrase and use UPPER and lower case letters: MlsSamanthawborniM
  3. Changes some letters into numbers and symbols: M!sSamanthawb0rn!M

Remember to always keep your passwords private!

To further ensure online safety you can also create 2FA – two-factor authentication – on social media platforms and apps. This adds an extra layer of security to your account. The two-factor authentication works by allowing access to the user only if they have provided two successful pieces of evidence that confirm the user’s claimed identity. A 2FA allows you to give a password, if the password is correct then a second prompt will require you to complete a second step to gain access. Each social media platform has it’s own 2FA set up which you can read more about below:

Facebook 2FA

WhatsApp 2FA

Instagram 2FA

Twitter 2FA

Are you concerned about the strength of your password? Complete a password analysis, specific and relevant to your organisation via one of our previous posts:

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