October 2019 #Tech2EndGBV Tech Clinics – South Africa

#Tech2EndGBV October 2019 TechClinic Coverage 

Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC has a capacity building programme known as #Tech2EndGBV. The sole purpose of this programme is to offer tech tools to NGOs that can help in eradicating gender-based violence. 

During the month of October 2019, we launched weekly TechClinics for local nonprofits in Somerset West and surrounding areas around the subject of GBV. 

TechClinic – Week 1 

Topic of Discussion: Digital Advocacy Campaign Building. 

This discussion was help at the Phambano office in Somerset West on the 8th of October 2019. Di hosted the discussion and gave resources and practical training on how NGOs can create Digital Advocacy Campaigns. 

Top Tips from the TechClinic: 

  • Know your existing audience and those you want to reach 
  • Know where your campaign audience hangs out online and understand the tools available to do the research 
  • Select the right Social Media Channels to engage with your specific audience 
  • Be specific about your goal & stay focused, sending the right message so that your audience will stay engaged 
  • What is your “Call to Action”  
TechClinicWeek 2 

The second TechClinic was held in Somerset West on the 15th of October 2019 and centered around a discussion on how we can interrupt the cycle of gender-based violence. Big thank you to our guest speaker Judy Strickland from Hope House Counselling for educating everyone that was present on these topics: 

  • The strong association between exposure to violence and the use of violence by young adults illustrates that violence is a learned behaviour. 
  • More prevention programming is needed, aimed at the younger generation so that we don’t have to continually be doing intervention programming to fix the problem.   
  • NGOs working in communities need to know more about GBV and the root problems so that they can meet the needs of the communities they work in with the right resources. 
  • Telling your story is powerful, but it needs to be done in a safe environment where privacy is respected and kept. 
TechClinic Week 3 

The third and final #Tech2EndGBV TechClinic took place at the Phambano Office in Somerset West on the 22nd of October 2019. The topic of discussion was:  

Turning your campaigns into Rands 

Our very own Samantha Barnard shared with 7 NGO’s present, the importance of attracting donors through GBV Advocacy campaigns; the correct Social Media channels to use and how to always keep campaign goals in mind.  Samantha also touched base on the following: 

  • The importance of having a website – funders look at websites and read blogs. 
  • Always keeping your beneficiaries safe online when telling stories or sharing pictures – especially children 
  • Funders want to see “good news” stories and not images that are unsettling. 

She also shared her knowledge on how NGOs can use social media platforms to effectively engage with their audiences. 

Like the previous two TechClinics, this one was a huge success and well received by those in attendance. One of the attendees had this to say:  

“I attended two of the ‘Tech2end GBV’ workshops at Phambano this month. The research behind the talks combined with the level of engagement in the classroom is what impressed me.  The delivery was more than bare facts submerged in prescribed solutions.  We received the training and encouragement to recognize our market, formulate our own campaign and set deadlines for achievement.” 

We would like to thank every one that was present at the TechClinics and invite South African NGOs to get involved in our programme.

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