What exactly are memes?

They are visual images or other pieces of content that are spread from person to person, adapted in the process and often not in a good way!

Are they harmless?

Memes are mostly harmless fun. But as with anything else online, there are downsides. Something that’s funny to one person may not be so funny to another. Memes are often insulting or mocking, even if that isn’t the original intention and it is an act of cyberbullying.

Think of it this way:

Have you ever, along-side your friends, been aware of, or spread rumours or false information, either because you did not like them or just for fun or to keep in with the crowd? And later you saw that person distraught because others have been bullying or teasing him about the fake rumours?

That must have made you feel bad, right? The fact that something you spread or laughed about solely for amusing others is hurting someone so bad should make you feel bad. Cyberbullying through memes works the same way.

Even though we laugh, behind that meme is a living breathing person who is hurt and feeling violated. Their self-esteem is low, they may even get depressed and contemplate suicidal.

Let’s not bully anyone online via memes – let’s pledge to report any meme we see that bullies anyone in any way so that people think twice before making a hurtful meme.

We should realize the consequences of cyberbullying and pledge to do our best to raise our voices against it and stop it!

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