Zoom: How To Video Conference With Donors, Beneficiaries and Stakeholders Across The Globe In Times Of Crisis

The number of people in the nonprofit sector choosing to work remotely is increasing exponentially, thanks to cloud-based tools that have made it easy to access work projects and assessments anywhere and anytime.  

The fact remains that coordinated efforts and communication are of the utmost importance for progress. Logistically, it has become a little more difficult to get teams around a table, face-to-face. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has added an additional layer of difficulty to in-person meeting with travels bans.

Nonprofits have to now seek ways to adapt to the ever-changing world that technology has brought to us through reliable and easy to use video and web conferencing tools.  

In the past 4 years, TechSoup has partnered with Zoom. The fact that it offers NPOs a 50 percent discount through TechSoup’s marketplace has made it possible for numerous nonprofits to connect within their own organisations and networks.  In 2019 TechSoup announced that Zoom extended its discount program to all nonprofits registered on the TechSoup Programme.

This offer directly translates into an improved ability to deliver on the network’s promise to provide organisations around the world with the technology and knowledge they need to better serve their communities and address the world’s most pressing issues. 

For nonprofits in South Africa, Zoom is available in two plans: 

  1.  Zoom Meetings Business Plan 10 License Bundle, 1-Year Subscriptions | Purchase today: https://techsoupsouthafrica.org/products/zoom-meetings-business-plan-10-license-bundle-1-year-subscription-access-to-discounted-rates
  1.  Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle, 1-Year Subscription | Purchase today: https://techsoupsouthafrica.org/products/zoom-meetings-pro-plan-bundle-1-year-subscription-access-to-discounted-rates

The difference between Zoom Business Plan 10 License Bundle, 1-Subscription and Zoom Meeting Pro Plan Bundle

The Zoom Meetings Business Plan combines video and sound conferencing; basic online meetings, and group chats on one platform. Zoom meetings run on both mobile devices and desktops and hardware equipped conference rooms/auditoriums. A meeting can have one host and up to 300 members. All members can be on video. Discretionary additional items accommodate bigger meetings, room connector programming, and webinar tools. All these add-ons can be included whenever during the membership year.

Zoom Meeting Pro Plan Bundle is similar to the Business Plan 10 License Bundle, the only difference is that with Zoom Meeting Pro Plan Bundle, up to a 100 member can be hosted on one video call.

Best Zoom tips that every user should be aware of

  • Zoom allows users to create reoccurring meetings saved settings and one URL. The benefit to this the host does not have to always send new URL’s to attendees whenever they need to have meeting(s)
  • Zoom also permits users to record the web conferencing calls as a video. This is ideal to keep records of your organisation’s meetings and for people how miss out on meetings, the recording can be share to them.
  • The screen sharing functions allows members of organisations to be able to have collaborative annotation engagement. The annotation function can be found when one has shared their screen with other participants, to annotate the file the participant(s) would have to select view option from the Zoom window the choose Annotate.
  • Zoom calls can be co-hosted. Now Zoom attendees do not have to wait on one host to start the meeting. Should the host not be available, the other cost-host can initiate the meeting.

There is no better time than now to make a great investment for your nonprofit to digitally transform!

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