What Is DocuSign And How Can Your NPO Access A Discounted Version Of It?


DocuSign is a cloud-based software tool that is used to send documents for electronic signatures (e-signatures). The DocuSign donation programme at TechSoup provides e-signature and transaction management software to eligible nonprofits, charities, and public libraries.

Your NPO can use DocuSign to sign, send, and manage documents digitally as DocuSign replaces printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents for approval.

When an NPO needs to send an important document to be signed, DocuSign will send a link to selected users (signatories required) and the users sign the document virtually from any Internet-enabled device. Important note: the signatories do not necessarily need to have a DocuSign account to sign document. 

DocuSign Standard Edition and DocuSign Business Pro Edition, 1-year Subscription are two discounted plans available through the TechSoup Programme for all NPOs that are eligible for the software. 

As an organisation, you can use DocuSign to increase flexibility between staff members and board members by permitting them to sign documents remotely. Examples include:

  • Fundraising: grant applications, membership renewals, corporate sponsorship contracts 
  • Human resources: policy distribution and acknowledgement, new hires, change forms 
  • Volunteer management: applications, event registration 
  • Procurement: vendor agreements, purchase orders, 
  • Legal: An organisation can use DocuSign to draft and store its legal documents such as NDAs, licensing, compliance 
  • Finance: internal approvals, expense reporting, auditing 
  • IT: asset tracking, incident reporting, maintenance authorization. 

How can your NPO obtain a discounted version of DocuSign? 

All eligible NPOs that are registered with TechSoup can request DocuSign discounts. Learn about the DocuSign plans available on TechSoup South Africa; TechSoup Botswana and TechSoup Zambia below:

South Africa here. 

Botswana here.

Zambia here.

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  1. Lifeline Pretoria can benefit from the docusign, esp. as we have adapted to the new normal of virtual services. We offer counselling and training services online, which requires google forms and also proposal writing/submission online.

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