TechSoup Programme: Obtaining Donated Or Discounted Software After Purchase

The TechSoup Programme offers a great deal of donated and discounted software products to NPOs that qualify and are eligible. Products include Microsoft, Mailshell, Bytes of Learning, Symantec Desktop and Symantec Enterprise.

For any eligible organisation to obtain their choice of software, they need to be registered with a country-specific TechSoup Programme (for eg TechSoup South Africa) and meet the Eligibility Criteria for at least one of the donors. Each of the donated software products listed above has a specific minimum and maximum amount of software that an organisation can purchase.

Once your organisation has been registered and approved to obtain software from TechSoup you will then be able to log in to your profile and browse products available on the online store. Please note that, when needing to place an order, our Johannesburg-based team is available to assist you with the process. 

Also, note that purchased software is not physically delivered to your organisation, it is obtained via the main email address that the organisation registered with on the TechSoup Programme. The amount of time/days that the order will take to be electronically delivered varies with each donor partner. Taking Microsoft as an example; you can expect your software to be available after 3 days from the date of payment and all Microsoft software products are to be downloaded from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, which you will also need to sign up with. Click here to find out the time it will take for your software to get to you from other donors.

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