Buffer for Nonprofits

“Buffer is the best way to drive traffic, increase fan engagement and save time on social media.”Buffer

I use Buffer daily. For me, Buffer is the most user friendly Social Media Scheduling Program available.

In this post I will be showing you how to set up and manage a Buffer Account for your Nonprofit.

Step 1. Create a Buffer Account

Visit Buffer and create a new account. You can sign up for free by using your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Email Account to log in. The free version of Buffer allows you to host three social media platforms and their NPO Package details can be found here.

Step 2. Link two other social media accounts to your free Buffer Account

Step 3. Set your Timezone

Step 4. Set your scheduling times

Step 5. Measure

Select “Track clicks on my posts” and then “Looks good let’s go!”

Step 6. Enter your Email Address if you used a social media platform to sign up

Step 7. Access and refine your Dashboard

Step 8. Set optimal posting times for your other Social Media Accounts

If you wish to add other Social Media Accounts, click on the “Connect More” Option in the Accounts Dashboard on the left hand side of your screen. Once you have added your Social Media Accounts click on the Account you wish to set a schedule for as it reflects on the left hand dashboard. You will note that once you have clicked on your Social Media Account, your middle dashboard changes and the options available are:


Click on Schedule and then select the times you wish to share your content out.

Buffer Logo

Step 9. Create content and start sharing!

Once your optimal posting times are set up for your accounts via your Dashboard, it’s time to start creating content to schedule. I do this in the form of three ways:

I natively upload links to my Blog Posts with a description in Buffer
To natively add your Blog Links or Images into Buffer, click on the Social Media Platform you wish to share from, click on “Content” and then “Queue” and Buffer will prompt you with “What do you want to share?“. Similar to a Facebook Status update this box allows you to add media, links and text. Once you have written your update click on “Add to Queue” to have Buffer share it out according to your posting schedule set up in steps above, or click on the down arrow to select a specific time you wish to share the update.

One of the reasons why I love Buffer so much is because their time sharing is incredibly accurate, right down to the very minute!

I share other people’s content (OPC) found on the Internet via my Buffer Chrome Extension and my Mobile App
I use Chrome for my Internet doings and downloaded the Buffer Extension. When browsing the Internet, I simply click on the Buffer Icon in my Chrome Toolbar and it automatically adds the Website I am viewing to my Buffer Account and prompts me to select the accounts I wish to share it to along with my own text write up. On mobile, I downloaded the Buffer App from Play Store and logged into my Account. While browsing I simply select “share” and then select Buffer to add it to my posting queue. Couldn’t be easier!

I create graphics via Pablo directly within Buffer
This has to be one of my favourite features of Buffer! The ability to create Graphics directly within the app and then schedule them to post without having to download and upload images!

Buffer for Nonprofits

Pablo allows you to edit your Graphics in multiple ways. You can upload your own Graphics or search over 600,000 free images to use! Added to that, Pablo let’s you add your own text or allows you to access their library of quotes for those days when your inspiration is running low. Add filters like Light Contrast or watermark your Graphic with your Logo. For free.

Once you have created your image, simply click on the Blue Button at the bottom of your screen titled “Share & Download” and then select “Buffer your Image“.

You will note that the text you used on your Image has pulled through to your “Message for your Social Media Platform“. Pretty nifty hey! From here, simply add in any extra text or URLS you wish to accompany your Image and then click on Add to Queue.

By using the down arrow instead, you can select a time to publish that doesn’t reflect on your Queue Scheduler.

Happy Buffering!

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