Successful nonprofits need more than donations – they need technological solutions to realize their vision.


Sage Foundation has a passion for building opportunities in their communities and enabling social enterprises and nonprofits with software donation programmes. Whether you are just getting started or rapidly growing, Sage offers business solutions to manage your finances and people so you can focus on serving your community and running your organisation.

Sage knows that to deliver change to local communities, they have a responsibility to donate Sage cloud solutions that help more nonprofit leaders like you deliver on your own mission.

See what they have on offer to eligible partners:

• Sage One – the essential accounting solution for small organisations to manage everyday finances and reduce admin.
• Sage Live – for growing small-to-medium organisations who require real-time insights and access to thousands of business apps through Salesforce.
• Sage X3 – powerfully designed for large organisations seeking a faster, simpler and more flexible solution to manage financials, supply chain, production and operations.
• Sage People – designed to meet the needs of medium-large organisations that want to better engage and manage their people.

To apply for the donation, select a product and complete the short online form to see if your organisation is eligible here:

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