It is no secret that we spend most of our time glued to our cellphones and computers. It is almost impossible to go a day without reaching for your cellphone or PC and this is because we live in a world that is more technology-advanced than it was before.

Most of the time spent on our computers and cellphones is work related. Many NPOs use technology to monitor and evaluate programmes; manage volunteers and secure new funding. Since we have become very reliant on technology, it makes sense that we seek applications that will assist in making us more productive and efficient with our work.

Below is a range of tools that your nonprofit might want to use to boost productivity:
G Suite (Google)

G Suite helps with the sharing of documents and spreadsheets on multiple devices such as your cell phone, tablet and computer. G Suite needs to be linked to a Google email address and will then allow you and your coworkers to have access to your work documents anywhere and anytime. G Suite also has a calendar to track meetings or other important events that fill up your schedule.

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Dropbox is similar to Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. Their mission is to design a more enlightened way of working by providing robust cloud storage and document editing features. Your Dropbox account will need to be linked to an active email address and thereafter will give you the freedom to search your work documents with your coworkers anywhere and on any device.

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Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling application. This application will ensure that reports, proposals, social media posts and even emails that you send out are all grammatically correct. Grammarly takes away the stress of having to edit and proofread countless documents. You can sign up with Grammarly by linking it to your Email, Google or Facebook account.

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WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in Southern Africa simply because it is easy to use and it is cost effective. Most small enterprises and big corporates use WhatsApp to keep up to date with their work teams. WhatsApp allows you to create groups for your teams so that no one gets left behind on any announcements, documents, media and web links sent on the group.

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Microsoft Office Suite

If you prefer to work in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Microsoft offers you endless flexibility and convenience with their range of Nonprofit Offerings: Microsoft On-Premise Software (Office Standard) and Microsoft Cloud Software (Office 365).

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Later is the #1 Instagram scheduling tool and offers a free plan for Nonprofits to use. You can visually plan, schedule and analyze posts for Instagram (if 2020 is the year that you decide to use Instagram for your NPO marketing and online fundraising needs)

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Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud solutions empower nonprofit organisations of all sizes to save time, eliminate errors, reduce costs, achieve compliance and deliver powerful insights via PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Their range of accounting, enterprise management and people (payroll) tools afford NPOs the opportunity to manage their finances and governance easily.

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Do you have an essential workplace tool or app that you use daily in your NPO? Comment with it below so we can check it out and potentially feature it in an upcoming blog post!

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