Twitter FAQs

What is a Tweet?

Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform that allows you to remain connected to your friends and family in the form of Tweets. Tweets are limited to 140 characters and can be likened to a Facebook Status Update.

How do I post a Tweet?

Once logged in to your Twitter Account on either mobile or desktop, simply click on the “TWEET” button to create your Tweet.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is any word or phrase that directly follows the # sign on Social Media Platforms. On Twitter, users make use of Hashtags in Tweets to help link their Tweet to a topic depicted in the #hashtagwordingused.

What are Trending Topics?

A trending topic is reflected on your Twitter Home Page due to the fact that it is determined by Twitter at that point in time to be the most popular term being Tweeted about.

What is a Retweet (RT)?

A Retweet or RT is the act of sharing someone else’s Tweet on your timeline.

What is a Tweet Like?

Similar to the Like button on Facebook, simply click on the heart button beneath a Tweet to Like it.

What does DM stand for?

DM stands for Direct Message on Twitter and it is the private inbox function.

Can you edit a Tweet?

No. Once your Tweet has gone out into Twitterverse, it cannot be edited, only deleted.

How do you delete a Tweet?

Open the Tweet you wish to delete and then click on the three dots beneath your Tweet. Select delete.

Can I embed a Tweet on my Website or Blog?

Yes, open the Tweet you wish to embed and then click on the three dots beneath your Tweet. Select Embed and follow the prompts.

What is a Pinned Tweet and how do I use the function?

Twitter has given users the option to have a Tweet highlighted at the top of their account in the form of a Pinned Tweet. Pinned Tweets can remain highlighted for long periods of time and are highly effective as it is the first Tweet new followers see when viewing your Twitter Account. To pin a Tweet, open the tweet you wish to pin and then click on the three dots beneath your Tweet. Select pin tweet and follow the prompts.

Can I create polls on Twitter?

Yes and they are a fantastic engagement tool! To do so, create a new Tweet and click on the Poll function. You can then set your poll duration and options directly from your Tweet Screen.

Can I use emojis on Twitter?

Absolutely yes!

How do I contact Twitter for support?

To contact Twitter for support click here.

What do I need to know about Tweeting Images?

Twitter does not accept BMP or TIFF files. GIF, JPEG and PNG files are welcome and the option to edit the image with a range of filters is available. Once you have added a filter to your image, you can tag other Twitter Users in the Image and even add a geographic location too.

How do I mention another Twitter User in a Tweet?

To mention another user in a Tweet, simply use the @ sign and start typing their Twitter name.

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