Top Fundraising Blogs

Nonprofits constantly seek resources and tips on effective fundraising techniques and often overlook Blogs as a source of frequent, practical and trusted content.

Usually, these Blogs are updated three times a week (minimum) with current and relevant Fundraising guidelines, and as a reader, you have the option of subscribing to them so as to receive email notifications of new posts.

Top Fundraising Blogs To Subscribe To

South African Blogs:

Ricardo is well known in the South African NPO sector for his tips and advice on legal governance.

Inyathelo’s mission is to help build a strong, stable civil society in South Africa by contributing to the development of sustainable organisations and institutions.

Although not a Blog, Frank’s website is packed with informative links and resources for the South African Fundraiser.

This Blog is headed by Jill Ritchie and she has helped raise over R2billion in the NPO Sector with her techniques.

Although The South African Fundraising Leadership Academy does not post regular Blog Posts, they do host various events in South Africa aimed at helping Nonprofits increase their Fundraising and house a Resource Centre on their website which you can follow.

International Blogs:

PND is a daily news service of the Foundation Centre and curates philanthropy focused articles from print and electronic sources.

The Achieve Academy is a full-service research and marketing agency for Causes.

The Selfish Giving Blog is run by Joe Waters and he helps Nonprofits raise money with win-win partnerships.

Mango UK helps NGOs do more with their money and post various fundraising related topics on their Blog and via their Newsletter.

Sandy is a vibrant Encouragement Officer and Professional Do-Gooder with a deep pool of Fundraising knowledge.

Board Source inspire and support excellence in Nonprofit Governance and are one of my favourite Blogs to read.

As a leading volunteer software provider, Volunteer Hub provides weekly tips and resources on their Blog for Fundraisers.

Discover the latest in fundraising, advocacy, and Nonprofit marketing practices with the Salsa Blog.

If you are wanting to stay updated with current Technology resources and grant opportunities, TechSoup Global is your one-stop-shop.

As an innovative technology platform that allows Nonprofits to fully manage their fundraising campaigns, Gesture posts regular Fundraising guidelines on their Blog.

“We believe that great ideas and strong institutions can promote a better world. Explore data and stories from our grantees.”

Wild Apricot is a Membership Management service and their Blog is packed with fundraising tips.

If you are looking for a feel good story to share on your Social Media Accounts, this is the Blog to follow! Find inspiration from their featured stories to incorporate in your own Nonprofit.

A Blog that focuses on sharing tips and resources for the volunteering sector.

Do you follow a Fundraising Blog that should be mentioned here? Leave the link in the comments and I’ll give them a visit.

Special Mention to the South African NPO Network Facebook Group members that helped me research for this post.

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