Twitter used to be a little strange to me because I am a huge fan of other platforms and as we all have our favourites, it took me some time to get used to the ins and outs of Twitter.


In the spirit of #TWITTERFORGOOD, let’s see how this social media platform can help your organisation with its digital marketing experience:


Firstly, what is Twitter? It’s a social media platform that was founded on the 21 of March 2006, in San Francisco by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. The purpose of the platform is to connect with your friends and with people who have similar interests as you do, also keeping you up to date with these interests and getting “in-the-moment updates” as they say.


Twitter originally allowed 140 characters in their tweets, and on November 7th, 2017 they doubled their character allowance in every language except, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. But not only can you add text to your Tweets, you can add images and even GIFS!


Who can see your tweets? If your Tweets are protected, then only people who you have approved to view your Tweets can view your replies or mentions. If you want to share them with other people you will need to unprotect your Tweets for them to be visible.


Is Twitter safe? As with any social media platform you need to be savvy about who you communicate with and what information you share. Please do not be blasé about this topic ever! As a social media platform though, Twitter is more open than Facebook or G+, because its designed for sharing and discussing events and opinions of every kind without restricting people’s opinions. On Twitter anyone can follow you and you can follow anyone you want to, without having to approve this.


Some tips you might want to follow if you decide to use Twitter for your organisation:


1. Tweet early/late and often! Schedule your Tweets so this will be easier to ensure people see your Tweets in the morning or late evening when they are more likely to check their social media.


2. Notice when you’re over Tweeting! Pay attention to when you’re over doing it, once you lose an audience, they are likely not to re-follow you. Posting every 5 minutes is not necessary.


3. Engage with your followers more than you broadcast. Don’t just talk about what you want from people. Connect with them i.e follow them, RT their Tweets that are relevant to you etc.


4. Jump on relevant Trending Topics! You will be amazed at how many followers you will gain by using the right “#” (hashtags)! Tweet about women’s day for instance and use the hashtag #womensday2018 – it will expose your Tweet and Brand to a new audience and potentially gain you new followers.


5. Respond when people @Mention you. Research shows that 15% of Twitter users don’t like brands that don’t respond to their mentions. Use these statistics to your advantage and above all else, be courteous.


I hope this has been informative and if you have any other questions about Twitter or Tweets, please feel free to contact us for assistance.


Did you know that today, 9 November 2018, is #TWITTERFORGOOD day:


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