What are Instagram Stories and how can they be of benefit for your organisation

Instagram stories aka Insta-stories is the not-so-new cool feature on Instagram that allows you to get creative with the content you choose to share with your followers, if you may, allow me to also add that is very fun to use. Question now is how can Instagram stories help or be beneficial for your nonprofit organisation? Just like with any other type of business, Insta-stories are a great way of engaging with your clients, supporters or just people who are genuinely interested in the type of content that you put up on your feed. Like any social media platform Instagram is great for digital marketing and with insta-stories you create fun posts that will make people aware of your brand, the services or products that your organisation offers. This will ultimately drive insane traffic to your website and people will know that there is an organisation like yours.

Let’s get to the challenge

We’ve create a challenge that challenges all non-profits to use insta-stories. The 7 Day Instagram Stories Chanllege for Nonprofits aims at getting all NPOs to use the Instagram Stories and monitor the benefits of using this feature has on the digital platforms of their organisation and also this is way for us to help you get closer to your followers and engage. This is how the challenge will work…


Create a story using the text only function. Prompt – Use 4 words to describe your nonprofit. Add a hashtag sticker to the image and an emoji!


Upload an image of your workplace to stories and add the hashtag sticker: #fromwhereistand. Add a text story ans describe your workspace in one sentence


Still using the text only function, tell us about your role in the organisation and why you enjoy job, you can create 2 stories for this, just remember to keep the descriptions short and fun.


Use the “Ask me a question” feature and allow your followers to pose any question(s) they might have with regards to your organisation. You can put a time limit to this or the amount of question you will answer at a time.


Record a video and give your followers a tour of your office(s). People are naturally curious so believe me this they want to see 😊


Use your stories as an announcement tool to notify your followers that you will be going live the next day. Announce the topic and use the countdown sticker


Go live! Interact with your followers LIVE!!! see as they post comments on your live video and go on and have a conversation. I promise you it will be fun.

Remember the main purpose of this challenge is to get every non-profit organisation familiar with insta-stories and also help each and everyone of us have an online presence. So I urge you all to get involved, take the chance and see how will this benefit your organisation.

Author: Yamkela Songelwa | Phambano Digital

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