Over 3 million nonprofit professionals worldwide are registered on LinkedIn and an average of 3000 nonprofit organisations have professional LinkedIn pages. 

Below are our top 5 reasons why and how LinkedIn can benefit your organisation:

1. Amplify your organisation voice and brand by using a professional LinkedIn Page – this is the first page that other users see when they search for your organisation on LinkedIn. On this page you can include what your organisation is about; include your mission statement, report on your current work/projects and also showcase achievements as well as volunteer or employment opportunities that the organisation has. 

How you structure your LinkedIn profile is totally up to you however with LinkedIn you need to clearly understand what you’re using your profile for – if you want more people engaging with your organisation then it is best that you make frequent updates and post regularly, on the other hand, you can put just enough information to your homepage that you redirect people to learn more about your organisation (e.g. your organisation’s website). 

2. Network! LinkedIn is an ideal platform to help your organisation formulate strong networks with other nonprofits as well as people who have previously worked for the organisation whether as volunteers or employees. As an organisation, you should be engaging with these people by connecting with them through their LinkedIn profiles. It is a no brainer that when an individual is involved with any organisation they will list that organisation as part of their working experience on their profile; if it’s your organisation that they have worked for or are working for this act serves a great opportunity to promote brand awareness for your organisation and that is how strong networking circles are formed. 

3. Customization – Nonprofit professionals have the option to customize their LinkedIn profiles with whatever name they chose for their profile; this ultimately makes better chances of being found in search engines. 

4. Marketing – LinkedIn also provides nonprofits with the opportunity to host webinars, Q&A sessions, posting of presentations on the platform and more! This boosts the organisation’s online presences as well as reputation when it comes to the work that they deliver. 

5. Nonprofit Solutions – Back in 2015, LinkedIn launched Nonprofit Solutions which provides nonprofits with tools they need to succeed on the platform: education and special (discounted) pricing to products such as:

  • LinkedIn Company Pages 
  • LinkedIn Groups 
  • Marketing and Development Campaigns 
  • LinkedIn Recruiter 
  • LinkedIn Job Slots 
  • LinkedIn Career Pages 
  • LinkedIn Recruitments Ads 
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

You can read up more on these products on LinkedIn.