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Every second Thursday from 3rd August 2017, 7:30PM-8:30PM (SAST) on Twitter, the #PHAMBANO Tribe will meet to discuss different topics relating to Technology Development and Digital Marketing.

Benefits of engaging in a Twitter Chat

  • Increase visibility of your Twitter Account by meeting new Tweeters
  • Time saving networking opportunity (Twitter Chats run for 1 hour and can be accessed remotely)
  • Gain free tips, hacks and insights to help empower your brand
  • Collaborate with Peers
  • Connect with potential Donors / Clients / Leads
  • Create Brand Awareness

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To get involved in the #PHAMBANO Twitter Chat conversation

  • Log onto Twitter every second Thursday at 7:30PM (SAST)
  • Search for our chat tag: #PHAMBANO
  • A live feed will open and you will see all chat tweets
  • Introduce yourself by letting the Phambano Tribe know who you are and where you are based, along with a friendly greeting for e.g. “Good evening from Cape Town! Business Blogger and work from home Mom here 🙂 #PHAMBANO”
  • Engage with all Tweeters to help spark new relationships
  • Engage with our Twitter Account by responding to the chat questions / prompts in the following format: “A1 (your answer) #PHAMBANO”
  • Don’t forget to include #PHAMBANO in every Tweet!

Who makes up the #PHAMBANO Twitter Tribe? 

  • Nonprofit Organisation Representatives
  • Corporate Representatives
  • SME Owners and Representatives
  • Bloggers

#PHAMBANO Twitter Chat Schedule to diarize

Please note: Topics are subject to change at any given time to accommodate Guest Tweeters, dates of the Twitter Chats however will remain the same.

  • 3 August – Digital Marketing: WHO are you?
  • 17 August – Technology Updates: What you need to know
  • 31 August – Blogging: SWOT
  • 14 September – Spring Clean your Digital Marketing
  • 28 September – Digital Marketing ROI – Where to start?
  • 12 October – Tech Giants – Tips and Hacks
  • 26 October – Digital Marketing – Need to knows!
  • 9 November – Social Media Marketing – Are you doing it correctly?
  • 23 November – Online Networking – Tips and Hacks
  • 7 December – Recap: Close of Year
  • 18 January – Opening of New Year

Format of the #PHAMBANO Twitter Chat

  • Introduction
  • 5 Questions / Prompts to encourage conversation
  • Opportunity to share your Links and Needs
  • Goodbyes

Guest Tweeters

If you would like to be a #PHAMBANO Twitter Chat Guest Tweeter to showcase your expertise within the Technology and Digital Marketing Landscapes, please complete the form below so that one of our Account Managers may contact you directly:


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