It’s no secret that technology is progressing on an exponential scale and the “hard things” that were only done by professionals ‘back in the day’ can now be done by almost anyone, easily. When it comes to graphic design many nonprofit organisations struggle to get the job done and that’s where Canva steps in!  

Canva is an online graphic design tool that was founded back in 2012. Canva uses a drag and drop format to help you design your ideal graphics, easily. Also, Canva offers a huge library of layouts, stock images, fonts and graphics that will help you bring any web and print-based media to life.

As a way to give back to the community, Canva offers free Canva for Work access for up to 10 members to eligible nonprofit organisations. Eligible nonprofit organisations with proper documentation qualify to get free Canva for Work access:

Once you have registered and logged on to the Canva platform, the design potential for your nonprofit is endless. Use the search bar as shown below to search for templates you want to create or start from scratch. Below is our list of the top design layouts your nonprofit needs to use.  

As shown from the image above, you can access layout templates that include Facebook, Instagram, Business Cards, Posters and so much more.

If you wish to design your graphics from scratch, Canva grants you the platform to do so. From choosing the specific colour that you want to the font style to match your brand.  

Top Design Layouts for every Nonprofit:

Facebook Cover

Twitter Cover

Instagram Feed Layout

Social Graphic Layout (ideal for social media profile pictures: Instagram, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and LinkedIn Pages)

Business Cards

Posters – Ideal for donation call to actions

Pinterest Images

Step into the world of graphic designing, get creative and let your imagination run wild, Canva is here to help bring to life the ideas that live in your mind!

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