Nonprofit Twitter Challenge

How to use this Challenge:

  • Begin Day 1 on any Monday
  • Include the Challenge Hashtag #PhambanoTech in all of your Tweets so that we may find you and help send you some traffic!
  • Tweet @PhambanoTech with any questions relating to the Challenge so that we may answer them
  • Have fun and enjoy harnessing the true power of Twitter!

How this Challenge will work:

  • Day 1 – 7 will have unique posting themes in the form of prompts.
  • Each theme is designed to help you create content for your Twitter Account and will help guide you on learning the best practices when it comes to posting on Twitter.
  • The daily theme will also help boost your engagement and posting routine.

Today’s prompt is On your desk.

Today, post a Tweet during the day of an image featuring an item on your Desk. In your Tweet please use the hashtag : #PhambanoTech so that we may find you. This step is very important for tomorrow’s prompt!

Please feel free to tag us in your image too, (@PhambanoTech). If you are unsure on how to tag an image on Twitter, have a squizz at Twitter FAQ’s here: Twitter FAQ’s


By now we are sure that you have noticed that Twitter is a very noisy place right? In order to achieve success you need to be a frequent tweeter and many accounts have seen high engagement results from Tweeting every 15 minutes! For most of us, Tweeting every 15 minutes is simply out of the question. We have busy lives to lead!

This is where our favourite scheduler, Buffer steps in. Today, set up a free Buffer Account for your Twitter profile and find your optimal
posting times. For the steps on how to do so please click here: How to use Buffer (You don’t have to set your Tweeting frequency to every 15 minutes and a good place to begin is 10 Tweets per day)

Once your Buffer Account is set up, Tweet out an Image using our Challenge Hashtag: #PhambanoTech with this prompt: Words describing my Nonprofit

Now, you can either create an image using Pablo directly from your new Buffer Account or you can use an image you already have on your Mobile or PC that reflects words that describe your Nonprofit. The second part of today’s Tweeting Challenge is to schedule a Tweet for later today according to your Buffer Scheduler that is made up of such: A basic introduction as to who you are, where in SA you are based and what you do for a living. Again, be sure to include our Challenge Tag: #PhambanoTech in your Tweet.

This part of the Challenge is designed to help you create your Twitter 30 second pitch. When dealing with leads on Twitter you need to have your 30 second Twitter Pitch polished and perfected. Today will help you formulate your pitch for future use. The beauty of Buffer is that you can formulate your Tweet, schedule it and then get back to your work!


Day 3 is a double whammy of a prompt! Over the past two days of the Challenge we have been asking you to post images relating to the daily themes in your Tweets.

Today is no different and Part 1 of today’s prompt is to post a Tweet using our tag #PhambanoTech with: Food We Love 

The reason for prompting you to use images in your Tweets is because Buffer recently reported that its user base receives 150% more RT’s on Image Tweets. Wow!

Part 2 of today’s prompt is all about Hashtags! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Search for a Hashtag that relates to your Nonprofit. An example as a Nonprofit would be : #Tech4Good. Another example is of a targeted geographical hashtag like : #cityofcapetown
2. Open the hashtag search results and find the 5 most recent Tweets from other users. Do they resonate with you? Could you start a conversation with any of the users? If not, keeping searching the results or try a different Hashtag
3. Time to make new friends! Tweet as many users from the Hashtag results as you feel comfortable with and give them a friendly South African Hi There! Go one step further and have a look at their Twitter Account Bio and mention something about it in your Tweet to them. Why are we asking you to do this? Twitter Engagement is ALL ABOUT reciprocal behaviour i.e. If you Tweet me a Hi, I’ll Tweet you a Hi back. Sometimes, you need to step out of your comfort zone and Tweet someone first.
4. Create a Tweet using the Hashtag that you found in Step 1 and either add a link to a blog post of yours or an image that relates. For the active Nonprofit Bloggers in this Challenge this step is crucial! Here’s an example:

We find a user tweeting about Twitter Tips in a hashtag #smm (Social Media Managers). We reply to their Tweet with: Hi! Great Question! We recently wrote about Twitter Tips and would love to share it with you: link to my blog post. Boom! We have a new viewer and turn them into a Lead when they reach our Website.

Top Tip: If you are an Instagram User and have a set of Hashtags that you use, search them on Twitter too! You would be AMAZED at what you find! We use a mobile App called Evernote to save all Hashtags that we come across online that resonate with our Brand. Simply copy
and paste directly from the App to save time 🙂


Today’s prompt is Music your Nonprofit Loves.

Tweet our tag #PhambanoTech with a Youtube Video of your favourite song (or songs) and include the hashtag #nowplaying. Music brings people together both online and off and one of our top tips to increasing visibility of a Twitter Account is to let your Followers know about songs you love. We tweet about Music at least twice a week and always build new relationships from it.


Today’s prompt is Gratitude.

Open Twitter and thank ten (10) of your followers for engaging with you over this past week. Personalize each Tweet – please don’t rely on an automation process for this. Speaking of which, do you have an automated inbox message going out on Twitter? If you do, please turn it off. Users find the automated “Hey, thanks for following” DM’s incredibly spammy. So, share your Gratitude today on Twitterverse and don’t forget to update your Buffer Account with content for the weekend as Social City never sleeps!


Your weekend prompt is Social.

Tweet out your Weekend activities and tag other users to help showcase your Personality as a Nonprofit, for example: If you go out to a local restaurant for a meal, Tweet a picture of your experience and tag the Restaurant in it. Include the Challenge hashtag: #PhambanoTech so that we can retweet it and help boost the conversation. You will find that the Restaurant will Retweet your Image which will help widen your reach on Twitter thus helping to make your Account more visible to other users which ultimately equals, more followers!

Happy Tweeting!

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