Facebook Mistakes

We, (Social Media Strategists and Marketers) see this happening on Facebook daily and to be 100% honest with you, it annoys us like nothing else.

The famous LIKE AND SHARE TO WIN posts.

While I do understand why Organisations are attracted to Like and Win Promotions, I’d like to highlight the fact that Facebook has set rules and conditions by which we must abide. These rules have been set to help all Facebook Users, ultimately, and not following them can result in your Fan Page being deleted, forever.

If you are a Nonprofit reading this I’d like you to do something:

  • Open your Facebook Mobile App
  • Click on the three lines at the top right hand side of your screen
  • Click on Terms & Policies and then open More Resources
  • Click on Promotions
  • Search for E. Promotions – Point 3:

It clearly states that Personal Timelines and friend connections may not be used to administer promotions for eg: “Share on your Timeline to enter” or “Tag your friends in this post to enter.”

Now that you have read these Guidelines on your mobile, look back at your Facebook Contest history. Have you been following the rules?

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Nonprofits, Social Media Marketers and Business Owners blatantly break these rules during contests. Even more baffling is when I have approached some of them to let them know that their Fan Page is at risk for contradicting the Promotions Rules and their response is: “Oh well, until Facebook actually puts me in Facebook Jail I’ll keep doing it!


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Speaking of Facebook Jail, Velvet Burgers in New Zealand had their Facebook Page deleted in 2012 due to non compliance of these Rules. They lost close to 10 000 Fans and had to start their Fan Page from scratch:

Is your Like and Share Contest worth the loss of your Fan Page? I hope not.

Please note: Facebook updates their Guidelines regularly and I strongly advise you to keep updated on them particularly when hosting a Promotion: FACEBOOK GUIDELINES

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