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Fast paced, noisy, addictive and lead generation are the words I would use to best describe how I view Twitter.

Here are some of my favourite Twitter tips to help your Organisation reach more people.

NPO Twitter Tips and Hacks

Tip 1: Make use of the Search Function

Twitter’s search function is POWERFUL when you know how to use it correctly. From finding OPC (Other people’s content) to share to Influencers in your Industry to follow and network with, Twitter’s search has it all. They also have Advanced Search which I use daily to find targeted and geographically placed Tweeters to network with.

Hack: Get sales leads! Log onto Twitter from Desktop and go to

Search for terms like “looking for” “wanting to buy” “referrals of” + your product and see what comes up – you would be surprised at how many leads you can source, daily!

Twitter Advanced Search

Tip 2: Engagement is key

As with any Social Media Platform, engagement is the key to success. Twitter especially, in my opinion. Tweeters that engage and pay attention to their followers are more likely to attract new followers.

Hack: Turn off your automated DM Messages, please.

I know some marketers have professed to automated DMs resulting in sales but for the most part they are highly annoying and Tweeters know that you have automated it. Rather set aside ten minutes each day to send personal tweets to a handful of your followers.

Hack: Make use of Twitter Lists by creating them and subscribing to them.

Twitter Lists are groups of other Twitter Users by topic or interest. They also contain a timeline of Tweets from the specific accounts that were added to the list, offering you a way to follow individual accounts as a group on Twitter [Source: Twitter Glossary]

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Once a week, visit your List Feeds and engage with all Tweets. Simple, yet highly effective

Hack: Make use of GIFS!

To do so, click on the GIF function while typing a Tweet which can be found on both web and mobile versions of Twitter. Adding some humour to your Tweets will make you more relateable thus helping to increase your engagement.

Twitter GIFS

Tip 3: Follow, follow, follow

The only way to make your Twitter account more visible is to follow other Tweeters. Most Tweeters struggle with effective ways to find relevant and influential Tweeters to follow. I have a hack for that!

Hack: Make use of this IFTTT recipe to create a Google Drive Spreadsheet of Tweeters tweeting about a relevant and influential hashtag, for example : #phambanotech 😉

Every time someone Tweets your chosen Hashtag your Spreadsheet will be updated with their Tweet and @ name. Once a day or even once a week connect with the Tweeters from the Spreadsheet and follow, follow, follow. Twitter Influencers recommend following 300 – 500 new people per week, I usually follow 100 per week and nine times out of ten, they follow me back, opening the door to new conversations.

Tip 4: Tweet updates multiple times to help drive traffic (make use of different headlines)

Twitter is very noisy and you have competition! To drive traffic to your Blog Posts or Lead Pages, you need to Tweet them out multiple times.

Hack: Make use of websites to help you write multiple and clickable Blog Headlines and use them as your Tweets. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to each post!

Tip 5: Make use of high quality images

Statistically Tweets with images receive higher engagement in the form of RTs and Likes.

Hack: I make use of Buffer’s Pablo Graphic Creation tool to plan out weeks of tweets with high quality images.

The reason why I love this free tool is because I don’t need to download hundreds of stock images which saves me space on my PC/Cloud and Data!

Pablo offers the option of adding text to image or sharing the images in their original format. Simply delete the text area to share the images in their original format onto your Buffer Schedule.

Pablo Buffer

Happy Tweeting!

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