Safe Browsing Sites For Homework Research

Many children need to use the internet to help them with their homework research and many parents are fearful of the online browsing world.

To help, we have created a list of safe browsing sites to use during homework research times:

Google Scholar

Comprehensive, user-friendly, and free, Google Scholar is an excellent tool for high school students who are getting their first taste of academic research. Search listings also include links for “related articles” and “cited by,” two features that may help users expand or narrow down their inquiry. Combining the ease of a search engine with the quality and reliability of a library, Google Scholar blends the best features of both worlds.


Fact Monster

Sponsored by the online education provider the Family Education Network, FactMonster offers info on dozens of topics, including science, math, and U.S. history. Clear instructions teach kids new math and other skills; a homework help section offers periodic tables and other tools. Users can also access an atlas, dictionary, and other resources. It’s unlikely that kids will run out of things to do on the site after just one or two visits — however, to ensure they keep coming back, FactMonster also frequently adds quizzes and games.



SWEETSEARCH is a trustworthy online information source. The 35,000 sites that appear in search results have been reviewed to confirm their content is accurate and appropriate for student researchers. Most of what kids will find through SweetSearch is age appropriate, although news and educational sites could lead them to images of war and suffering. Searching is pretty much all you can do. The site’s design is very simple, and the only other information comes from a few homepage links, which leads to sites like SweetSearch2Day, a daily selection of news, history, and other info, and SweetSource4Me, a search engine for younger kids.


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