Grassroots charities: they may be small, but they are mighty. Can one small group of people with one brilliant idea have the power to change the world?

At Sage, we certainly think so. That’s why we have opened the second round of funding from our Enterprise Fund. We are looking for new or recently piloted, enterprising ideas to help improve the lives of either: military veterans, young people or women and girls in our local communities where we operate around the world.

When thinking about the challenges facing small businesses and entrepreneurs, we rarely consider non-profits and charities as part of this group. But they are, of course. Small charities face the same everyday issues: managing cashflow, keeping control of overheads and staying relevant and innovative in a competitive environment.

Grassroots charities, it goes without saying, don’t get the attention that big charities do. Big, global campaigns from multinational charities are very visible, and as such we are more likely to get engaged with them. And this isn’t something to begrudge big charities for, of course – they achieve fantastic things. But if you step outside your front door and look around your local area, you can find dozens of causes innovating and changing lives in small, often unnoticed ways.

The ideas are there – what would happen if they had the funds and the exposure to make these ideas come alive? Too often we see small non-profits with exceptional, original ideas on the brink of delivering real change, unable to make their idea a reality due to lack of funds.

This is what Sage Foundation wants to address. After awarding $500,000, through over 30 grants, across 15 Sage countries earlier in 2017- I am very pleased to say that more non-profits can now apply to Sage Foundation’s Enterprise Fund for a limited number of grants between $10,000 – $25,000 that will be awarded from this $500,000 Enterprise Fund. Applications are open until December 6.

Sage Foundation

How the Enterprise Fund works

• We are looking for enterprising and entrepreneurial ideas to help improve the lives of either: military veterans, young people or women and girls in our local communities where we operate around the world.

• Sage Foundation’s Enterprise Fund will support the creation of either new or piloted entrepreneurial programmes or initiatives. The project or pilot must have been operational for two years or less.

• We are committed to helping small, frontline organizations. Therefore, our fund is only open to organizations with an income that is less than $2M, and projects or initiatives have been operational for two years or less.

What kind of work does the non-profit need to be focused on?

• Education
• Enterprise & Employment
• Diversity & Inclusion
• Health & Wellbeing

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then we want to hear from you! The closing date is 6 December (midnight PST) 2017 – so get thinking, and apply now: The Enterprise Fund

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Since we launched in 2016, Sage Foundation has become the beating heart of who Sage are as a company. It embodies our passion for doing business in the right way, and using our power to help disadvantaged communities around where we work.
Sage have always believed in the revolutionary power of an entrepreneur with a bright idea – now, we want to recognise that your local charity or non-profit might have the brightest of ideas, hidden in plain sight.

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