Safer Internet Day 2020: Get Involved

Safer Internet Day 2020

On 11 February 2020 the world will celebrate Safer Internet Day under the theme: Together for a better internet. The main objective of Safer Internet Day is to encourage global citizens to start up conversations on how to: make the internet safer by using technology responsibly; make the internet safer by using technology with respect and integrity; how to spread positivity for future internet users. 

Our commitment

As a Nonprofit Organisation that delivers technology solutions to other NPOs, we are committed to helping any and all build a safer internet. To raise awareness and play our part, we will be hosting a “Safer Internet 2020” digital campaign during the month of February 2020 and invite you to get involved by following our social media accounts: Facebook – here. Twitter – here. Instagram – here.

Apart from following our awareness campaign, you can get involved in the conversation and become part of this global initiative through other means. Below is a list of ways that you can encourage your community to get involved:

1.Host debates (at school, university, workplace) around the topic of how you can make the internet safer. Allow each person to vocalize their opinions. Examples of the topics that can be discussed:

  • Images shared online are just as permanent as tattoos
  • The owner of a photo posted online is the person who took it and not the subject of the photo
  • People should be free to post whatever they decide online

2.Educate yourself: There are various videos online that can inform you on how best you can safely use the internet. Google Search and YouTube are free tools to use to do this! This process can also be a great way to help you start up conversations on internet safety with your family and friends.

3.Start a conversation about consent: Cyberbullying is a serious matter that many people deal with on a daily basis. It is important that we educate ourselves about the pros and cons of sharing someone’s personal information online without their consent. Remember: if you repost damaging content that you have not been given the consent to share, you are as responsible as the person who posted that content in the first place and you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law by, facing serious fines and/or time behind bars!

4.Lastly, do not forget to share the Safer Internet Day 2020 hashtag: #SaferInternetDay on social media!

Remember, the internet is ours to enjoy. It is a phenomenal tool for education and community building as it brings billions of people closer together despite their geographical location. It is OUR responsibility to use it wisely and to safeguard it for future generations!

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