Phambano COVID-19 Recovery Project (South Africa)

Phambano COVID-19 Recovery Project (South Africa)

Nonprofits face a global crisis — just as they are needed most.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on nonprofits in South Africa. They have had to protect and support staff while their communities need support — from meals to mental health counselling — even more than before.

At Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC, we understand that nonprofits need to rapidly make technology decisions that will help them manage through the COVID-19 crisis. We also know that many lack the resources to do so — placing both them and those they serve at increased risk of falling behind at the worst possible time.

Technology and expertise can make a huge difference.

Earlier this year, TechSoup launched the TechSoup COVID-19 Recovery Fund to help small organisations that need support in rapidly adjusting their technology planning, work processes, and service delivery. TechSoup raised funding to assist grassroot nonprofits to not only scale up their services, but complete online courses and afford digital transitioning to cloud-based products.

We, as the TechSoup South Africa partner, are announcing today, the Phambano COVID-19 Recovery Project for nonprofits in South Africa as we have been recognized as a beneficiary of the global TechSoup COVID-19 Recovery Fund.

How the Project Works

43 eligible South African nonprofit organisations will be supported through this project from December 2020 – April 2021. Only ONE application per Nonprofit Organisation is allowed.

Starting 16 November 2020, eligible nonprofit organisations are invited to apply for a hardware & software starter kit which will include:

  • 1 x New Laptop
  • 1 x Windows Operating System
  • 10 x Microsoft 365 Business Premium Subscriptions
  • 1 x Antivirus Subscription
  • 1 x DocuSign Standard Edition Subscription
  • 1 x Domain Registration + 1 year website hosting package
  • 1 x 2 Page WordPress Website including a Donate Now Page
  • 1 x Google Ads Grant Application + 3 Ad Groups Creation
  • 1 x Sage Business Cloud Accounting Application
  • 10 x TechSoup Course enrolments which will provide certification upon completion
Application Starting Date: 16 November 2020. Closing Date For Applications: Midnight on 30 November 2020

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applicants will need to show:

  • Proof of annual operating budget of R1,2million or less
  • Operational for 1 year or more
  • Have fewer than 10 employees
  • Be compliant and registered in accordance to South African regulations – this includes NPO, NPC, PBO or Charitable Trust status
  • Live in and operate from South Africa

Beneficiary Pre-Requisites:

  • Agree to complete 10 x TechSoup Courses by the end of the project (April 2021). These course must be completed by an NPO employee or Board Member.
  • Must have a WIFI or Internet Connection to run the cloud-based software.

Who Is Not Eligible To Apply?

  • Nonprofit organisations that have not obtained recognized legal status in their respective country;
  • Governmental organisations or agencies, including governmental museums, international governmental organizations, and United Nations Entities;
  • Schools, colleges and universities including formal educational institutions, nonprofit schools, and academic museums;
  • Healthcare organisations including, but not limited to, hospitals, healthcare networks, health plans, ambulatory/outpatient healthcare organizations, nursing homes, retirement centers, assisted living, and home healthcare;
  • Professional, commerce and trade associations;
  • Professional and semi-professional sports organizations;
  • Political, labor, and fraternal organizations;
  • Refurbishers that will be installing the software on refurbished computers to be distributed or donated to nonprofits or schools.
  • Individuals.

9 thoughts on “Phambano COVID-19 Recovery Project (South Africa)”

  1. Good Morning Samantha and Di

    Just read about this opportunity. Although we have some of the items in the package. I It is definitely something we will be interested in to build capacity for the organisation.

    Are we eligible to apply especially the 10 weeks training will assist our organization becoming digital savy.

  2. Good morning

    Thank you for this great initiative. I would like to make application for the New Laptop on offer, but the link does not take me to the application form. Please could you assist?

    Much appreciated!
    Kind regards

  3. Good day,
    NID-National Institute for the Deaf would like to apply for the Phambano COVID-19 Recovery Project (South Africa). We are urgently in need of laptop/s to accommodate staff that are working from home.

    We meet all of the other requirements, however, we have 128 employees of which 27 are disabled. I would just like to enquire whether we will qualify for this project seeing that we have more than 10 employees?

    Looking forward to your feedback

    Kind regards
    Annemarie van Eck
    NID-National Institute for the Deaf

  4. Julianna Overmeyer

    I completed an application, but my internet bombed just as I finalised it. Can you tell me if you received it, or do I need to do over. The Application is for YFC Hope Options Centre. Thank you!

  5. This initiative is highly appricated. Training will come so handy and able us to be proactive if fulfilling our mandate and objectives.
    Your response will be highly appreciated

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