Nonprofits in Southern Africa: we would like to feature your Organisation!
Can you answer yes to the following questions?


1. Are you an NPO / NGO Representative based in Southern Africa i.e Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa,
Swaziland, Zambia or Zimbabwe?
2. Do you wake up every morning and go to work in your community wishing that more people knew your story?
3. Does your Organisation constantly endeavor to make a difference in the plight of those around you?
4. Have you been looking for a free outlet to help raise awareness of the obstacles and achievements your Organisation experiences?

If you can, then we would love to feature your Organisation on our Blog and help you raise awareness!

How it works:


• Complete our interview form [ found below ] that houses a list of questions for your awareness post.

How an awareness Interview Post is beneficial to your Organisation:


• By being featured, you will be introducing your Organisation to our Audience – made up of Business Owners, Corporates, Bloggers and Fellow Organisations
• Your Website may pick up some additional traffic as we will be linking back to your site


2 Replies to “Nonprofits in Southern Africa, we would like to feature your Organisation!”

  1. Women and Girls Leadership (WGL) Foundation is an organisation based in South Africa that promotes access to Sexual and Reproductive Health for girls and women in rural and urban settings. We focus on prevention of teenage pregnancy and HIV infection among adolescents and youth. In schools, we work through clubs formed by learners in schools. This is to promote leadership among young people from an early age.

  2. Giving a fish pond is a realization of the well-known proverb “teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” An entire community will enjoy the benefits of this earthen pond stocked with fast-growing fish like tilapia, a high-quality, sustainable food source that will help improve local children’s nutrition. When you give any animal, a portion of the gift may also help provide watering sources, farming assistance, hunger relief, and other related essentials as needed. so why not gift a community with a fishpond this Christmas and put a smile on a community’s face

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