Feedback from our Phambano Social Media Marketing Workshop Delegates

“Key aspects for Social Media to make our Organisation thirve”

“Course presented in an interesting & captivating way. Staff both brilliant & helpful”

“I would recommend this workshop for not just people in the NGO space, but anyone working within the social media space. I have learnt so much in one session and would even do a follow up session to check if I am on track with using the tips provided”

“It was very good. Good information and good food! Thank you”

“I have gained some much knowledge from the session and will be telling all other organisations that this session is one that cannot be missed. I look forward to using all this information to increase our visibility on social media”

“Excellent workshop and Sam is extremely knowledgeable about the SM space. Would definitely recommend this bootcamp to other NPOs as there is a wealth of information to be learnt!”

“Helpful in engaging the full power that social media has to offer the nonprofit sector”

“Very useful and detailed training for NPOs who need to maximize their social media marketing efforts. A true bootcamp filled with a treasure trove of valuable information, tips and networking opportunities. Highly recommended to both beginners an advanced users”

“Thank you for the great work you are doing to introduce NPOs into the tech space and encouraging them to make effective use of technology to enhance the work we do”

“Thank you so much for giving our social media marketing a push in the right direction”

“I would say the facilitator is very knowledgeable. Good, excellent presentation. She kept the audience interested at all times. Only one day of training is not enough for me.”

“Valuable information for organisations embarking on social media connecting. Sound tips”

“Ready to get active!”

“The training was awesome! I would recommend it to anyone in the NPO sector because I gained a lot of knowledge that will be very useful for our organisation”

“This Social Media Bootcamp is insightful & informative. Whether you know your way around social platforms, this bootcamp still offers new things to learn”

“Absolutely comprehensive. Enjoyed every minute”

“Would recommend the bootcamp to all NPO / NPC. We are at such a disadvantage if we do not know which resources we have at our disposal. Sam is an excellent presenter and it is very easy to learn from her”

“Insightful workshop which made me realize that even the things I did could be improved on. Learnt new skills I could apply to various marketing strategies. This workshop was refreshing, helping me to see my social media marketing from a new fresh perspective”

“As NPOs we are restricted largely by funding and as a result often do not have access to expert consulting. Phambano has provided an incredibly valuable platform to provide NPOs with the tools we need for social media and online marketing strategy and implementation at an affordable price”

“An incredible workshop demonstrating the power & potential of social media & social networking. We leave this workshop feeling excited and re-invested in our online presence. Watch this space – you’ll see us online :)”

“Great hands on tips you can use daily”

“The Phambano SMM Bootcamp opened my eyes to the power of smm, using my organisation’s existing smm accounts to communicate what my organisation does and how to get involved. I highly recommend the bootcamp to every NPO in South Africa. It’s an untapped resource”

“Phambano is the real solution for the civil society. It allows us to compete at the corporate world”

“I’ve learnt to be open to other social media ‘Google’ and it’s offer. My brain is packed with so much, I want to start now. Phambano offer product, services and workshops to social enterprenuers.”

“Sam,our facilitator is very informed, she really took my current Social Media knowledge to another level. Social Media platform now look very user friendly and are excellent tools to converse with like organisations and one is afforded a chance to be visible in a global village.”

“Volumes of valuable information, tips and guidelines.”

“As a Physiotherapist by training and having to be a ‘Yack of all trades’, I really value all the information I got at the bootcamp. i’m excited to start.”

“The course is highly recommended if we need to understand how to best take advantage of google/facebook and blogging.”

“Informative information gained and awesome networking platform.”

“I have heard a lot about marketing on social media however until attending this workshop, I never realised how powerful it is and that it is imperative that everyone wanting to market aggressively and want to be visible must know and attend these workshop.”

“Very good service.”

“Thank you very much for the fun, insightful day. Learned a lot and going to put it to use ASAP.”

“Just awesome. Thank you for helping us, keep it up. We will continue to support you.”

“I really enjoyed the course. Sam is awesome. it was very informative, well-structured presentation and amazing food.”

“I liked everything about the event and the food was amazing. Sam is very friendly and energetic.”

“Thank you for empowering NPO’s, this enables the sector to continue empowering communities.”

“Awesome words really can’t explain. Like I said this is all very new to me. So all that was taught and explain was well received. Thank you very much.”

“I can highly recommend Phambano for social media training and access to marketing information and much more. Well done and many thanks.”

“Phambano Tech workshop was informative and their services are helpful in the NGO space by using digital marketing to create awareness.”

“Good practical exercises that helps one understand the topic far better than to just listen to a trainer. Well communicated and knowledgeable – beyond what I expected. Thanks, will attend again. “

Feedback from our NetSquared Delegates

“You are doing an awesome job inspiring, informing and uplifting NPOs, please keep it up!”

“Every Nonprofit should attend your events and benefit from Google Ads Grant. Thank you so much for your assistance”

“Excellent content, helpful networking. Thanks for opening up new revenue streams for amazing organisations who can make even more of a difference.”

“This workshop answered all of the questions I have had for a very long time but did not have a way to access the information at an affordable rate – and this was free! I am SO grateful, thank you!”

“Thank you for the effort you have put in to teach us about analytics and social media. I have learnt quite a bit.”

“Thanks for helping us make the most of the internet and optimization of our online marketing.”

“Maximize your NPO Status by learning professional advice and skills from Phambano Technology Developments awesome Google Ad / Social Media skills.”

“Well presented presentation and highly recommended for any NPO to attend.”