Organisation Summary

Courageous Life Bible Church Mission:

  • Planting like-minded cells in all the surrounding areas.
  • Conducting foundational classes for new converts and new members.
  • Training Leaders to be Coaches/ Mentors for the effective witnessing of all members.
  • Engage young people in matters of church and corporate development to sharpen them for community transformation.
  • Create platform for various ministrations to operate: Couples; Singles; Youth; Children Ministry; Ladies and Men’s Ministries, etc.

Principle of operation:

  • Welcoming: Build relationships and get to know each other for support and celebrate achievements as a family.
  • Worship: Pray for one another.
  • Word of God: Sharing in cells the Will of our Heavenly Father.
  • Works: Reaching out to the community through works.

Wish List

  1. A 2 room 6m Steel container for Soup Kitchen operation and storage of agriculture equipment for the Church Garden.
  2. A company that can offer free training on work ethics for our trainees, Agriculture Champion and Cooking Champion.
  3. Food parcels or vouchers for the families of children we are feeding, especially during holidays and weekends.

Organisation Details

Country of Operation: South Africa

Years in Operation: 4 years

Registration Details: Registration Number (NPC): 2022 / 496108 / 08 Enterprise Name: COURAGEOUS LIFE BIBLE CHURCH

Contact Email:

Social Media

– Facebook: Courageous Life Bible Church