NRPD (National Rescue for Poverty &Drugs) is a registered NPO- No: 141-614 whose mission is to assist as many communities as possible that are affected by poverty,women & girls health services; lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education and exposure to drugs daily, our main focus areas are childhood/youth education, food security alleviation and first responder emergency relief aid. Post COVID19 and due to the recent Western Cape province winter flooding those families and children are finding themselves in an even worse situation than they were before and for that reason we are currently assisting people that are very much in need of cooked meals, clothing, blankets and daily essentials to survive.

Country: South Africa

Years in Operation: Since 2014

Registration Details: NPO- No: 141-614 Registration no: 2014/105176/08

Wish List

– Used/Refurbished desktops or laptops
– Computer Accessories
– Furniture (used desks, tables, chairs, sofas, curtains)
– Clothing and Warm blankets
– Materials ( cloth fabrics )
– Dry food goods – Paints

Online Platforms


Cause Highlights

We are most proud of the ECD’s that we have been assisting and suporting with dry food supplies. We are also busy with the setup our new ICT youth skills centre