Despite being a small organisation, we believe that giants began as infants. Isiqalo Esihle NPO is based on the improvement of participation in the influence that has contributed to the distribution of the future of young people. We strive to improve and develop skills so that they can be valued. We also have an impact on helping and engaging entrepreneurs who are growing. Skills and talents are essential. Ours is to help support, make an effort and promote success.

Years in Operation

6 months

Registration Details

NPO registration number 284-666 Register date 16/11/2022

Wish List

Our wish is that young people must take an effective action plan to maximize their skills by following 4 steps. 1. Create a small, bit-size goal. 2. Stop carrying about the things that don’t matter. 3. Just do it. 4. Celebrate wins. And keep being true to yourself. If you are passionate about something, go for it. The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

Online Platforms


E-mail: WhatsApp number: 0810 618 502

Cause Highlights

We are a purpose-driven organisation that provides and promotes opportunities that effectively engage young people in work that challenges them to develop their skills and talents. Gain critical awareness, and participate in opportunities to create a better future with their skills and talents. and also develop and empower individuals through systematic and structured, mainly practical training and experimental learning intervention.