Innovation for Social Sustainable Development is an NGO registered in one of the rural provinces of Zambia (Muchinga Province) and located in Lavushimanda District. Its major focus is on steering rural community development for the purpose of alleviating hunger and poverty. We promote locally driven initiatives to improve the social well-being of young people, climate change issues and sexual reproductive and health education and rights. Our target groups are adolescents, youths, people living with different disabilities and women. Information dissemination is our priority believing that with adequate information, development can be realised

Country: Zambia

Years in Operation: 3 Years

Registration Details: RNGO 101/1236/2020 TPIN 2365937650

Wish List

Establish Youth and Adolescent Youth Friendly Spaces in the District Train many young people on Sexual Reproductive Health Education and Rights Conduct Consultative Community Meetings With Traditional Leaders on Early Marriages and Unsafe Sex Conduct community Meetings with Law Enforcement Agencies in the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence and Child Labour

Online Platforms (In the process of building the website)

Cause Highlights

Innovation for Social Sustainable Development [ISSD] operates with an open, authentic, transparency and accountability policy to promote the advancement of adolescents and young people to make their voices heard and enhance their participation in national development