We are a registered organization not for profit focusing on the enhancement of school-going children as well as youth in communities where the bulk of parents work in low-wage earning jobs. Our primary focus has been to expose young people to the game of chess especially since this game was preserved for minority groups in the past. In the same vein, we have been assisting and are still assisting school-going children with literacy programmes including visual arts and the design of products. In 2024, we intend to introduce cycling owing to the energies that young people use for things that are counterproductive and all these programmes are kept moving with small pockets of funding that we get from institutions from time to time.

Country: South Africa

Years in Operation: 5 Years

Registration Details: 201-907

Wish List

1) Access tablets and data for 1 year for our 60 participants in Chess. 2) Having a bus and fuel for 1 year that can be used for mobility purposes of our different programmes. 3) Finalization of our PBO certificate from SARS. 4) Tools needed to perfect products being made so that they can be sold. 5) Get website of our own including email domains.

Online Platforms

Cause Highlights

Our Chess participants perform very well during tournaments and friendly matches.