Our non-profit organization is dedicated to driving innovation by teaching design thinking with 3D printing to African youth, equipping them with the necessary skills to end poverty and inequality, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy health, justice and prosperity. This is 3D Printing for Development.

Years in Operation

5 years

Registration Details

NPC Registration Number: 2018/489042/08
NPO Registration Number: 226-585
NPO PBO Registration Number: 930077443

Wish List

Funding Equipment – laptops and backup power

Online Platforms

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovestorygoanddothesame
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lovestorype
Website: www.lovestory.org.za

Website: https://www.africamakesfoundation.org

Youtube: @africamakesfoundation

Cause Highlights

Our vision is to inspire generations of young African leaders who are able to identify and solve the most complex and pressing challenges of our time through the integration of design thinking with 3D printing. We envision a future in which African youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive innovation and create positive change in their communities, using 3D printing technology to bring their ideas to life. Ultimately, we believe that this will contribute to a more prosperous and equitable Africa