Carmen recently hosted our first NetSquared Cape Town [#Net2Cpt] event in Plumstead and welcomed Western Cape Nonprofits to discuss Civil Society Digital Marketing.

In case you missed the event, here is a recap of what was shared on the day:

Digital Marketing Tips for Civil Society 

1) Create a plan for each Social Media Channel

• Your organisation needs to have a mini plan for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest etc as a part of an overall Marketing Strategy
• If your Organisation is just starting, keep it your Social Media Channels small…. have 3 or less channels to focus on

2) Post Consistently

• As Twitter and Facebook is fast paced ,1 tweet on Twitter per week is way too little to keep your Audience engaged, the same applies to Facebook.
• Need to post , share , like , tweet , retweet all day.
• Instagram however allows for slower posting schedules
• Create a routine, to help you remember what to post and when to post it
• Be consistent!

3) Be Picky about what you share

• Make your content relevant to your audience
• Make your content is easy to read and helpful
• Make sure it’s entertaining to keep your audience interested

4) Post More Images

• Status updates with photos get more engagement online
• Are you aware of the implications and rules about posting pictures of children / abuse victims?

5) Measure and Analyze

• Keep monthly track of: How many visits / mentions / views / actions / likes / comments / re-tweets/ shares etc [measuring your efforts is crucial to future planning]

6) Interact on your platforms with your audience

• Be social and engage with others – don’t only post / share / retweet YOUR content, treat Social Media as a two-way conversation

7) Give people a reason to follow your Channels

• Why should we follow your Organisation online?
• Share discount vouchers / run competitions – have lead magnets to attract new followers

8) Get your entire team involved

• Social Media posting and content creation does not have to be executed by your marketing department only, get your entire team involved!

9) Introduction to E-Mail Newsletters

• Word choice should be loud, vocal, bright
• Don’t be Boring!
• Engage your audience
• Send yourself a test email before sending

A warm thank you to all that attended and to Zena, for capturing fantastic pictures!


If you would like to find out about our next NetSquared Cape Town event, please contact Carmen directly here.

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