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#eSafetySouthernAfrica is an online and in-person capacity building programme to empower and equip nonprofit organisations in Southern Africa with the necessary tools required to eliminate cyberbullying and online abuse. Our #tech2endGBV programme is designed to educate women-led and serving nonprofits about online harassment and equip them with the tech tools to #endgbv

Technology-facilitated GBV and cyberbullying is not something that will self-correct. It will take empathy, strategic and sustained action, based on an understanding of its root cause, to break the cycle. We believe that technology can be a powerful tool to campaign against gender-based violence and cyberbullying, when used responsibly. Our #eSafetySouthernAfrica programme reaches all genders, all races, all religions and people from all walks of life through our workshops, blogs, social media platforms and TechClinics.

For more information on how your organisation can access our #tech2endgbv programme, email us on info@phambano.org.za

#16DaysOfActivism - 2022

Technology-facilitated GBV is the action by one or more people that harms others based on their sexual or gender identity or by enforcing harmful gender norms. This action is carried out using the internet and/or mobile technology and includes stalking, bullying, sexual harassment, defamation, hate speech and exploitation.

Starting 15 November 2022, our digital platforms will be dedicated to promoting and support #16DaysOfActivism. We invite your nonprofit or advocacy group to engage with our campaign by following us on Facebook here, Twitter here and Instagram here.


Participate in our 16 days 16 actions Campaign:

Starting 25 Nov, create a post each day using a picture to depict the following word prompts and post it to your Social Media Account.  Use the hashtags:

#tech2endGBV #endonlinegbv #16daysofactivism

Day 1 – Guard

Day 2 – Self-Esteem

Day 3 – Protect

Day 4 – Ask

Day 5 – Question

Day 6 –  Research

Day 7 – Help

Day 8 – Rest

Day 9 – Read

Day 10 – Listen

Day 11 – Engage

Day 12 – Commit

Day 13 – Educate

Day 14 – Truth

Day 15 – Support

Day 16 – Develop

#eSafety Southern Africa 16Days Of Activism
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Prevent Cyberbullying

Preventing Cyberbullying: Top Ten Tips for Adults Who Are Being Harassed Online from The Cyberbullying Research Center.